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25+ Basement Ceiling Ideas On A Budget that Absolutely Cheap And Stylish

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Basement ceilings are often overlooked by homeowners. If the basement ceiling is nicely decorated, the room will look beautiful and feel comfortable. You can use the material around you. With just a little imagination you can make the basement ceiling more beautiful.

List of 25+ Basement Ceiling Ideas and Inspiration

Do you have a basement? Are you looking for ideas to decorate it? We have lots of ideas to decorate it! Please take a look at some of the basement ceiling ideas we have. Hopefully there are some ceiling design ideas that you are really looking for.

1. All Wood Basement Ceiling Ideas

All Wood Basement Ceiling Ideas

Some of the basement ceiling ideas look ordinary. But you can make it extraordinary. Make the basement ceiling with wood elements as decoration. The appearance of the arrangement of wood that you put on the ceiling will look good.

2. Art Geometric Cement Basement Ceiling Ideas

Art Geometric Cement Basement Ceiling Ideas

Many people say that home decor is art. As in the picture above, it looks very beautiful and has artistic value. This basement ceiling design idea adapts the geometrical style. The combination of the two geometric objects presents a very beautiful decoration.

3. Pallet Wood Basement Ceiling Ideas

Barn Wood Basement Ceiling Ideas

We find many wood pallets around us, why don’t we use them? Wooden pallets can be used for decorating the basement ceiling. You just need to arrange it neatly throughout the basement ceiling. The results are amazing.

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4. Black Industrial Basement Ceiling Ideas

Black Industrial Basement Ceiling Ideas

One characteristic of industrial style is the use of metal and pipe materials. Industrial impression is emphasized by the use of black as the main color. As seen in the basement ceiling decoration idea above. Really amazing industrial style.

5. Brick Cement Basement Ceiling Ideas

Brick Cement Basement Ceiling Ideas

The idea of decorating this basement ceiling is very unique. The decoration uses brick as its main material. The bricks are arranged well, so the basement ceiling looks very beautiful. The decoration of this basement ceiling is perfect for homes with classic styles.

6. Circle Hole Metal Basement Ceiling Ideas

Circle Hole Metal Basement Ceiling Ideas

Metal is a very strong and durable material. For this reason, many homeowners use metal for their home decorations. The idea of the basement ceiling above also uses metal as its material. The decoration looks beautiful with the holes in the metal sheet.

7. Stone Brick Basement Ceiling Ideas

Classic Brick Cement Basement Ceiling Ideas

The design of the basement ceiling looks similar to the previous one. Actually this design is different. This basement ceiling design uses stone as the base material. The arrangement that appears at the top is stone brick.

8. Colorful Fabric Basement Ceiling Ideas

Colorful Fabric Basement Ceiling Ideas

Who says decorating basement ceilings should cost a lot of money? Of course not. You can use fabric as a material to decorate your basement ceiling. Combine many fabric colors to make them look beautiful.

9. Corrugated Industrial Basement Ceiling Ideas

Corrugated Industrial Basement Ceiling Ideas

Making a modern basement does not have to use good and expensive material. You can use cheap material but still looks good. You can copy the basement ceiling decoration ideas above.

10. Green Painting Basement Ceiling Ideas

Green Painting Basement Ceiling Ideas

Some basement decorating ideas may require us to add new material, but not all of them. We can decorate the basement ceiling just by repainting it. Give the paint a soft color and slightly different from the color of the room. The difference in the color of the room and the color of the ceiling will make a beautiful combination.

11. Grid Wood Basement Ceiling Ideas

Grid Wood Basement Ceiling Ideas

Many basement ceiling decorations that use wood as the main material. But a simple arrangement will certainly not make the ceiling beautiful. You have to add some imagination to make it beautiful. The idea of a basement ceiling above will give you a little idea of simple decoration that looks amazing.

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12. Hidden Bookshelf Basement Ceiling Ideas

Hidden Bookshelf Basement Ceiling Ideas

We can decorate the basement ceiling with maximum if we want to do it. For example the design of the basement ceiling seen in the picture above. The basement ceiling not only looks beautiful but also has other functions. You can save several books that you like there. Basement ceilings like this can save a lot of space and reduce furniture spending.

13. Log Wood Basement Ceiling Ideas

Log Wood Basement Ceiling Ideas

Natural-style homes tend to use wood as their main material. Of course the wood material can be used for decorating basement ceilings. Using the right wood can make the basement ceiling look beautiful. Especially if the wood is large, it must be amazing.

14. Long Wood Basement Ceiling Ideas

Long Wood Basement Ceiling Ideas

We can use small pieces of wood that are not used as good decoration materials. Make the same size wood and arrange it so that the arrangement looks good. You can copy the idea of the ceiling above. The idea is quite simple but the results are amazing.

15. Big Pallet Wood Basement Ceiling Ideas

Pallet Wood Basement Ceiling Ideas

Many people want the decoration of the palette on the basement ceiling. But they only know about installing a pallet. Many of them did not know how to beautify the basement ceiling. You can add several pipes and yellow lights to make it beautiful.

16. Plywood Basement Ceiling Ideas

Plywood Basement Ceiling Ideas

Using wood material for ceiling decoration may be quite expensive. You can replace wood material with cheaper plywood material. The appearance is almost the same and a little lighter. So the installation and maintenance is easier.

17. Rustic Metal Basement Ceiling Ideas

Rustic Metal Basement Ceiling Ideas

Rustic-style houses usually look a little unique. Many decorations that look worn and old. But that reflects the beauty of the rustic design style. In the rustic house design above, the basement ceiling uses old metal doors. The ceiling design above reflects the amazing style of rustic design.

18. Square Background Light Basement Ceiling Ideas

Square Background Light Basement Ceiling Ideas

The basement ceiling in the picture above looks very beautiful. The material used on the basement ceiling is wood formed square with blue light behind it. The combination of light and shadow from the basement ceiling creates a beautiful view.

19. Starry Night Basement Ceiling Ideas

Starry Night Basement Ceiling Ideas

Who says if we want to see stars we have to go out of the house. We can see stars in the house. You can paint the basement ceiling in black and put a lot of small lights there. Then you can see many stars in your basement.

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20. Steel Sheet Basement Ceiling Ideas

Steel Sheet Basement Ceiling Ideas

One of the unique ceiling ideas is the decoration of steel basement ceilings. The decoration is simple and the material used is also cheap. This decoration is perfect for anyone who likes minimalist decorations without spending a lot of money.

21. String Light Wood Basement Ceiling Ideas

String Light Wood Basement Ceiling Ideas

The basement ceiling will not be beautiful without lights. Give a few lights to make the basement ceiling beautiful. You can use string lights to make them look more beautiful. It doesn’t need much, as long as it’s bright enough then it’s good.

22. Ultra Modern Basement Ceiling Ideas

Ultra Modern Basement Ceiling Ideas

Basement ceilings that are suitable for modern home style are not many. If you are looking for the idea of a basement ceiling with a modern style, then the idea above is perfect for you. You can modify it again if you feel it still doesn’t suit you. For me the idea of the basement ceiling above is awesome.

23. Unique Cement Basement Ceiling Ideas

Unique Cement Basement Ceiling Ideas

You can make something beautiful with cement. Not only ponds, fences or walls, you can decorate basement ceilings with cement. It may look rather difficult, but it can be made from cement. Look at the decoration ideas above, look beautiful right?

24. Vintage Rustic Basement Ceiling Ideas

Vintage Rustic Basement Ceiling Ideas

Vintage decor is perfect when combined with the basement ceiling. At first glance the design looks simple but is very good when combined with the same decoration. This vintage-style basement ceiling decoration idea is very stylish.

25. White Fabric Basement Ceiling Ideas

White Fabric Basement Ceiling Ideas

Basement ceilings from fabric material feature unique and charming decorations. The price of the material is cheap and easy to install. You can consider these benefits, so you know this decoration suits you or not.  In my opinion, this white fabric basement ceiling idea is perfect for everyone who likes simple decorations.

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