20+ Bedroom Office Combo Ideas and Inspiration for Narrow Space and Small House

Most likely many of us will definitely choose an exclusive home office room not an office in bedroom. But when you have a small space area, it is not possible. So, you need to combine both in one space. Bedroom office combos make it easy for us to combine offices with beds.


List of 20+ Bedroom Office Combo Ideas and Inspiration

Many bedroom office combo ideas that you can actually apply. Some of them may be suitable for you to apply in your bedroom. Here is a bedroom office combo idea that can be used to design a workspace in your home.

1. Cottage Bedroom Office Combo

cottage bedroom office combos

How can a bedroom office combo be designed as good as this? The design is very luxurious and looks glamorous. The design of a workspace like this is perfect for a large and modern workspace.

2. Corner Bedroom Office Combo

corner bedroom office combos

The corner of the workspace is great for a work desk. You can put some shelves and cabinets to store documents or work equipment. You can also put the office bedroom combo next to it, it doesn’t need to be large, but small is enough.

3. Small Bedroom Office Combo

small bedroom office combo ideas work office ideas desk for home

The office bedroom combo doesn’t have to be big, small doesn’t matter. The color combination between green and brown is very good. The color scheme is able to increase the positive aura before work.

4. Brown Bedroom Office Combo

brown bedroom office combos

Do you like the bedroom office combo that has soft colors? This office space combo design is great for you. The office bedroom combo design is also not too big, so it definitely fits in your small room.

5. Boho Bedroom Office Combo

boho bedroom office combos

Bedroom office combo design above is our favorite. This bedroom office combo allow you to work from home with comfortable feeling. When you stay in a small apartment, you should create this cozy boho office combo.

6. Beach Style Bedroom Office Combo

beach style bedroom office combos

This room is a home office that have a beach style decor. You can copy this ideas as a cozy small home office. This home office design can change your tiny space into guest office combo.

7. Above Desk Bedroom Office Combo

above bedroom office combo
There’s no reason to not decorate your small room. With this open bunk bed, you can make your workspace far away from cramp. Simply build this bunk bed and start your work with some cookies and coffee without worry.

8. Art Deco Bedroom Office Combos

art deco bedroom office combos

This workspace bedroom combo and wordesk combination is perfect. No need a luxury furniture, just put a simple minimalist desk and small bedroom. It’s amazing!

9. Vintage Bedroom Office Combo

vintage bedroom office combos

Build a guest bedroom office combo from your old couch. This design ideas can make a small room looks bigger. You can build this guest bedroom only for a couple weeks.

10. Urban Bedroom Office Combo

urban bedroom office combos

Look at this trendy bedroom office above. The idea looks simple but the arrangement of the decoration is actually very genius. This office combo focus on the beauty of the look and also its functions. With this design, you’ll make a fantastic bedroom office combo idea.

11. Ultra Modern Bedroom Office Combo

ultra modern bedroom office combos

The design you see above really uses a minimalist urban decoration theme. The arrangement and selection of furniture is quite simple but very beautiful. You can try this design idea for your home office project.

12. Traditional Bedroom Office Combo

traditional bedroom office combos

Guest room office combo is not just about putting a desk and bed in a single room. It is about developing an elegant design and decoration. The guest office bedroom above can tell us about it.

13. Scandinavian Bedroom Office Combo

scandinavian bedroom office combos

This combination of office and guest bedroom is very beautiful. It’s provide us that build an awesome guest office combo in small space is possible. Not only possible, but 100% possible.

14. Purple Bedroom Office Combo

purple bedroom office combos

Many people loves to decorate their room with a purple color. This guest office combo is using the purple color too. They combine a purple guest bedroom with a white home office desk, so the space is not wasted.

15. Natural Light Bedroom Office Combo

natural light bedroom office combos

Are you looking for some suggestions for guest office combo spaces? This design ideas of guest office combo is perfect for you. But it’s for large home office space only. If you have a small home office space, maybe you must scroll down again.

16. Mini Bedroom Office Combo

mini bedroom office combos

Many people have a small home office spaces in their home. They can’t put a large bedroom and desk together. Don’t worry, i have an idea to obtain the combination of the guest bedroom and the office desk. This guest office bedroom combo design is the answer of our problem.

17. Log Bedroom Office Combo

log bedroom office combos

A tidy and welcoming guest office room is everybody dream. By doing this, your bedroom office combo could feel tidy and welcoming. This home office room have a hidden guest bedroom, so you can have a lot of space that can be used.

18. Farmhouse Bedroom Office Combo

farmhouse bedroom office combos

This combination of home office desk and guest bedroom is perfect. The ideas is simple but looks amazing. The combination of the color scheme is beautiful. Everybody will love this ideas.

19. Elegant Bedroom Office Combo

elegant bedroom office combos

Even if you don’t have an extra space, you can have more space to used with this bedroom office combo. This hidden guest bedroom will make your home office looks larger.

20. Hidden Bedroom Office Combo

hidden bedroom office combos

Are you still looking for a suggestion before you start to redecorate your home office? Are you still thinking about when is the right time to start the project? This is the best time to redecorate your home office and guest room. You can copy this idea and apply it to your home office.


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