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20+ Chic Coffee Bar Ideas that Will Makes All Coffee Lovers Falling in Love

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A home coffee bar can help you attract your family, friends or people you like. You can use this home bar to serve coffee, tea and some drinks quickly. So you don’t need to go to the kitchen just to prepare drinks. The coffee bar allows you to save your time and focus on having fun with your guests.

List of 20+ Charming Coffee Bar Ideas and Inspiration

Many choices you can consider when it comes to coffee bar design. The number of designs is unlimited, ranging from minimalist, vintage, retro, and so on. You can choose a coffee bar design according to your favorite style. Here is the idea of the home coffee bar that you might be looking for.

1. Wood Coffee Bar Ideas

wood coffee bar ideas

This is an example of excellent wood coffee bar ideas for your personal coffee bar at home. This picture give us an ideas for coffee bar furnishings and coffee station table decor. This one is a home coffee bar with coffee shop look.

2. Vintage Coffee Bar Ideas

vintage coffee bar ideas

Who said that a coffee bar must be big? Small is not a problem as long as it is useful. You can make it yourself or buy it. I give an example like the picture of a vintage coffee bar above.

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3. Traditional Cabinet Coffee Bar Ideas

traditional cabinet coffee bar ideas

Perfect little coffee bar ideas with gold tones wood. This traditional coffee station idea looks beautiful. You can copy this ideas in your traditional home decor style. Everybody will love it.

4. Tiny Coffee Bar Ideas

tiny coffee bar ideas

Create your own coffee bar with this tiny diy coffee bar ideas. This coffee bar design is perfect for small home or apartment.  I think this coffee bar design is easy to build. So everybody can build it for weekend project.

5. Small Coffee Bar Ideas

small coffee bar ideas

The design of this coffee bar at first glance looks ordinary but actually extraordinary. This coffee bar is made with black wood material that looks very elegant. Even though it’s small in size, it can store a lot of coffee tools and more.

6. Rustic Coffee Bar Ideas

rustic coffee bar ideas

The rustic design is quite popular for home decor, including the design of coffee bars. Above is an example of a beautiful coffee bar with a simple rustic decor. Even though it looks old-fashioned, its appearance can attract your guest’s attention.

7. Nice Coffee Bar Ideas

nice coffee bar ideas

This diy coffee station is simple but useful. You can make coffee, juice, tea or take a drinks here. Since this coffee station have wheels, it can be moved anywhere. So you don’t need to have to walk far, just get your coffee bar close to where you are right now.

8. Natural Style Coffee Bar Ideas

natural style coffee bar ideas

DIY natural coffee bar ideas is perfect with white color scheme home decor. You can put coffee, tea and sugar in this home coffee bar. It’s easy to build, have a simple design, cheap material and perfect for both small and large home.

9. Minimalist Industrial Coffee Bar Ideas

minimalist industrial coffee bar ideas

This coffee bar has a unique and charming design. Industrial style dominates all parts of this coffee bar. You will love it because the industrial design of this coffee bar can enhance the beauty of the corner of your house.

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10. Mid Century Farmhouse Coffee Bar Ideas

mid century farmhouse coffee bar ideas

The most attractive coffee bar design ideas to make an amazing personal coffee shop for your home. Look at this picture, you’ll love the ideas. The combination of white color paint and mid century style is gorgeous.

11. French Country Coffee Bar Ideas

french farmhouse coffee bar ideas

Many people always ask a question about how to make a stunning coffee bar in your home. Then this coffee bar ideas is the answer. You can choose this french country style coffee bar. This is absolutely stunning!

12. Farmhouse Style Coffee Bar Ideas

farmhouse style coffee bar ideas

The farmhouse design style always looks attractive, like the design of the farmhouse coffee bar above. You will find two things there, beauty and also comfort. You can enjoy drinking coffee while seeing how beautiful the coffee bar you have.

13. DIY Coffee Bar Ideas

DIY coffee bar ideas

This is the best home coffee station so far. You can see the beauty of the design with all the decor ideas. This coffee bar ideas will certainly make your guests stunned. Believe it or not, you can actually make your own coffee bar like this. Save the idea and plan to make it as soon as possible.

14. Dark Coffee Bar Ideas

dark coffee bar ideas

There are two things you need to consider before making a coffee bar. The first is its function, the second is how it looks. The coffee bar design idea above has both, very beautiful and functional. You can adopt these design ideas according to your needs.

15. Country Coffee Bar Ideas

country coffee bar ideas

A home coffee bar is a important if you’re a coffee addict. This coffee bar design ideas is special. It looks like an old coffee bar but in beautiful look. It’s a country style coffee bar design ideas. I think it will suit with someone who love to decorate their home with old-look furniture.

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16. Corner Coffee Bar Ideas

corner coffee bar ideas

Are you searching for corner coffee bar ideas? You come to the right place. Here is the best corner coffee bar design ideas that you are searching for. This corner coffee bar ideas have a functional wall mounted shelves and built in wall cabinet.

17. Contemporary Coffee Bar Ideas

contemporary coffee bar ideas

The contemporary coffee bar design is great for homes with a slightly modern decor style. Are you a coffee addict? Do you have a home like the picture above? Then you’ll absolutely love this design ideas to decorate your home coffee bar!

18. Colorful Coffee Bar Ideas

colorful coffee bar ideas

Drinking coffee in the morning before starting the activity has a very good influence. Of course it will get better when you see the colors in your coffee bar. Bright colors will make you feel refreshed. Your spirit will be fully filled before starting the activity in the morning.

19. Chic Coffee Bar Ideas

chic coffee bar ideas

This coffee bar may seem minimalist but very functional. You can make coffee easily and quickly here. The design also looks beautiful and gets a little old-fashioned touch.

20. Old Style Coffee Bar Ideas

old style coffee bar ideas

Only a few coffee bars can adapt several styles into one design. This coffee bar design is able to adapt the farmhouse style, rustic and vintage together. These three design styles create an old-fashioned impression on this coffee bar. Everything looks very beautiful and attractive. Everyone would like a coffee bar like this.

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