30+ Awesome Corner Fireplace Ideas for Your Living Room

There are a lot of fireplace style that can fit for your living room, from the modern, tidy geometric lines, to the traditional ones made by stone. The perfect style of the fireplace need to suits with your living room size. You can’t build a large fireplace in the center of the small space living room. You can try to build a corner fireplace to solve that.

Corner fireplace is so much fascinating and functional. By build corner fireplace, you will save a lot of space in your living room. It will create a positive appearance. It will be your favorite inviting space for you and your guests.


List of 30+ Corner Fireplace Ideas and Inspiration

You can build a corner fireplace with your own personal touch. If you need an inspiration about corner fireplace, we have already made for you a collection of impressive styles of corner fire place ideas.

1. Cement Corner Fireplace

Cement Corner Fireplace

A fireplace can be defined as an architectural structure which is designed to hold a fire. In recent decades, fireplaces are usually build with stone. But with this modern cement corner fireplace, you can create an extra ordinary corner fireplace.

2. Below Glass Window Corner Fireplace

Below Glass Window Corner Fireplace

Modern fireplaces don’t need large size space. This corner fireplace is the example of simple tiny fireplace under glass window. This fireplace idea is perfect for small corner areas.

3. Abstract Pattern Corner Fireplace

Abstract Pattern Corner Fireplace

This corner fireplace looks perfect for classic home decor. You can use an abstract tile for the corner fireplace mantel. With this modern living room corner fireplace, you can spruce up your home appearance.

4. Well Design Corner Fireplace

Well Design Corner Fireplace

This corner fireplace is tiny, but still has the proper function. I think this tiny corner fireplace have timeless style. If you try to do it yourself, this is the easiest fireplace that you can build for weekend project living room remodel.

5. Vintage Corner Fireplace

Vintage Corner Fireplace

If you feel that the corner fireplace always have the same model, it’s time to take a look at some of the inspiring fireplace design ideas. You can copy this ideas and you will be look different than the others. So start from this design ideas, stop to think that we only have one choice to build a corner fireplace.

6. Ultra Modern Corner Fireplace

Ultra Modern Corner Fireplace

Are you want to have an awesome corner fireplace that suits with your modern living room? Do you have the perfect ideas for it? Have you got the idea you’re looking for all this time? If you don’t find the idea, you can consider this one.

7. Tiny Corner Fireplace

Tiny Corner Fireplace

This corner fireplace design might be the smallest among the list of corner fireplace ideas here. But you still have to consider it. Especially if you only have very limited living space. This tiny corner fireplace ideas is perfect for you.

8. Stone Nook Beside Corner Fireplace

Stone Nook Beside Corner Fireplace

In some cases the best method to make you feel warm is by stay close to your fireplace. But the problem is you don’t want to close in front of the fireplace. The solution is you build a nook beside your corner fireplace. You can add a hidden storage under the nook to store firewood.

9. Soft Pink Corner Fireplace

Soft Pink Corner Fireplace

This contemporary living room has a soft pink corner fireplace. There is a lively tray on the footrest which makes the decoration livelier. Apply the ideas and inspiration for your living room corner fireplace to add a shabby chic touch.

10. Rustic Corner Fireplace

Rustic Corner Fireplace

If you feel all the corner fireplace with wood accents are similarly, it’s time to check out this corner fireplace design ideas. This rustic corner fireplace will give you an extraordinary interior decoration ideas. This is fireplace design is small, so it’s perfect corner fireplace ideas for little room, both for home or apartment decor ideas.

11. Retro Corner Fireplace

Retro Corner Fireplace

Do you have an empty corner space in your living room? Do what was done right here! Build a corner fireplace like this stunning ideas to make your living spaces on fire.

12. Oldskool Corner Fireplace

Oldskool Corner Fireplace

Fireplaces are usually thought of as the all-natural centerpiece of a room that bring a warmth and welcoming to your living rooms. Take a look at this ideas, a corner fireplace that you will certainly like the ideas and the design style.

13. Old Style Corner Fireplace

Old Style Corner Fireplace

A few of the old gorgeous styles of fireplace are build with stone and bricks which have a traditional design. This corner stone fireplace is the old ideas but have a new design. So you can feel the nostalgia but in different era.

14. Old Brick Corner Fireplace

Old Brick Corner Fireplace

As you can see, the ideas above is adapted from the old brick fireplace design ideas. The core of this design is make your corner fireplace back to old style but in modern shape. It doesn’t take a long time to constructed and easy to take care of.

15. Modern Mix Corner Fireplace

Modern Mix Corner Fireplace

Can you see that? The combination of the stone material and the cement, that both matches one to another. The stone material made a solid construction of the corner fireplace, then the cement material made an awesome firewood storage.  It will make your corner fireplace looks eye-catching, cozy and welcoming.

16. Minimalist Elegant Corner Fireplace

Minimalist Elegant Corner Fireplace

Are you looking for minimalist corner fireplace ideas? Check out this corner fireplace remodel ideas. This small corner fireplace is using rock veneer panels, so it’s easy and cheap. This is the perfect solution for diy corner fireplace on budget.

17. Minimalist Apartment Corner Fireplace

Minimalist Apartment Corner Fireplace

This corner fireplaces ideas build with creative design concept. It’s different from all of the corner fireplace design i’ve ever seen before. This fireplace ideas is totally perfect for your apartment, both small and large size.

18. Mini Corner Fireplace

Mini Corner Fireplace

Before you start to build you corner fireplace, why not to consider this small fireplace too. This design ideas is easy to build and could be perfect for your small corner area. You can warm up your living room but no need a lot of space to build it.

19. Middle High Corner Fireplace

Middle High Corner Fireplace

This fireplace ideas is perfect to build for your modern living room. The style are really have a lot of innovation and have a perfect shape. I think this type of corner fireplace is awesome. Are you agree?

20. Mid Century Modern Corner Fireplace

Mid Century Modern Corner Fireplace

We know a lot of ideas corner fireplace from fancy to rustic, classic to modern, etc. Don’t be confused about which design you will take. You can consider one of these designs.

21. Low Corner Fireplace

Low Corner Fireplace

How to make your living room looks stunning with a corner fireplace? This is the very best ideas to enhance your living room with low corner fireplace. The design concept is simple but have amazing look.

22. Long Brick Corner Fireplace

Long Brick Corner Fireplace

Many people think that corner fireplaces are difficult to build. No, it’s not so difficult. With this ideas you can build a easy and simple corner fireplace. No need to think twice, just copy this ideas.

23. Industrial Corner Fireplace

Industrial Corner Fireplace

If you have a corner fireplace in your living room, you probably understand that fireplace is the most thing that will make your living room awesome. This industrial corner fireplace will show you how to enhance your living room with a simple corner fireplace.

24. Geometric Corner Fireplace

Geometric Corner Fireplace

Some people love to build flat-front design fireplace. So this corner fireplace design ideas is perfect for them. With this corner fireplace, you can save a lot of space and put another furniture in the tiny area of your room.

25. Futuristic Corner Fireplace

Futuristic Corner Fireplace

I think everyone will look into this unbelievable corner fireplace ideas. This minimalist style living-room has a corner fireplace with an awesome and a fantastic futuristic design. I believe that they will certainly adopting the design ideas of this futuristic corner fireplace concepts.

26. Elegant Corner Fireplace

Elegant Corner Fireplace

The fireplace design ideas above is perfect for your interior decor remodel. Small but useful corner fireplace. You might like this ideas if you have a modern style home, most likely this design ideas will be suits for simple and minimalist home design.

27. Eclectic Corner Fireplace

Eclectic Corner Fireplace

Here we have an inspirational corner fireplace design ideas with an eclectic design concept. However, you can redecorate your old fireplace and build this simple fireplace design ideas. No need to hurry, make your choice after consider it.

28. Cozy Corner Fireplace

Cozy Corner Fireplace

This corner fireplace allows extra viewing angles and produces a pleased appearance. A quality and luxury collaborated to create this new ideas. This design provide that nothing impossible when you want to combine both minimalist and cozy at the same time.

29. Country Corner Fireplace

Country Corner Fireplace

Maybe you feel bored because you constantly see a lot of stone corner fireplace ideas. But this one is different from the others. You can save a lot of spaces, when you put your TV console above it.So your room seems to be wider.

30. Cottage Corner Fireplace

Cottage Corner Fireplace

This living room has a corner stone fireplace installed and looks great with the furniture around it. The combination of the wall paint color is suits with the color of the stone. It’s certainly look excellent with a big rounded art mirror above it.


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  1. I like your idea to create a cozy corner fireplace with more viewing angles. I want to have a fireplace installed in my home to improve the atmosphere. Thanks for giving me some great design ideas to consider for my new fireplace!


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