20+ Crafts For Kids Ideas For Children Of All Ages

Do you remember when the last time you have a quality time with your kids? Once you’ve done with your work during weekdays, weekend is the perfect moment to have quality time with them. You can take your kids to go to the park and play some outdoor games out there to strengthen the bond between you and your kids.

But if you don’t have much time and just want to stay at home, no problem. You can still have a quality time with your kids even if you are at home. You can do some fun crafts with your child, which will make them happy. Doing some simple crafts will help them be creative and activate their imagination. Because all kids like to do something new and crafts can also help them improve their motor skills.


List of 20+ Crafts For Kids Ideas For Children Of All Ages

This is a golden moment where you can teach everything you know about crafts and they will follow you wholeheartedly. So, get ready! Let’s do something fun and creative with your kids by following one of these crafts for kids ideas down below.

1. Easy Craft Ideas for Kids With Rope


Crafts for kids don’t need much preparation. Even with the rope that you find in the garage, you can use it for crafts. It’s time to teach your children how to make a knot.

2. Rope Craft Ideas for Kids to Make in Your Home


The next level of kids craft using rope is to make a knot with 2 different colors. This will help kids to sharpen their logical thinking by making the knot like this.

3. Easy Recycled Trash Craft for Kids


This 3D frame face crafts is made from recycled trash. It’s simple, unique, and artsy. You can teach your kids to do a recycling trash project and turn them into masterpieces.

4. Easy Paper Crafts Wall Decor for Kids


Most children love to draw. You can teach them to draw the sun which is decorated with many colors, patterns and words. Be creative with the material around you to make the canvas, for example your used clothes.

5. Easy Paper Craft Painting Ideas


Stamped paper crafts are the easiest things you can do with children. Just cut out a round paper craft into four pieces and turn it into a square paper art. Make sure you choose colorful round paper crafts for better contrast.

6. Simple Art Project and Craft Ideas at School


Next, you can create amazing crafts for kids using recycled plastic cups. We need to prepare yarn, scissors and grease paint. Paint the plastic cups and wrap them in yarn and when done, hang them on the wall.

7. Very Easy Craft Ideas with Colorful Papers


Another paper craft that you can do with your kids is this paper art project. Prepare some paper with different color, paper glue, and scissors. Now you can teach them how to use scissors correctly and create a beautiful paper art.

8. Unique Craft Inspiration With Yarn


Who would have thought if a yarn and paper could not be a cute craft? That requires effort because you have to teach children how to knitting. It’s little bit difficult but your kids will love the results!

9. Plastic Bottle Crafts for Kids Ideas


Don’t litter the plastic bottles, because you will need it to make a beautiful crafts with your kids at home. Cut the plastic bottle and use some yarn to create a cute insect, fish, owl, etc.

10. Easter Egg Craft for Kids


Homemade nest bird craft can be a fun activity for your Easter party with children. You can use this craft for kids ideas and then use it as a table decoration during Easter day.

11. Paper Craft For Kids With Colorful Craft Paper


Matting with colorful craft paper will teach their logical thinking. This is a recommended educational activity by many pediatricians. It can stimulate their creativity and way of thinking.

12. Paper Craft Ideas for Large Group of Kids


I think we all know that kids like to draw on walls. So, if you have a large group of kids and you want to teach them how to make art, you can try this one.

13. Crafts For Kids using Paper Plate


Do you know the easiest crafts for kids ideas? You can use paper plates or plastic plates as material for making cute craft. Use eye stickers, marker, paper, and yarn to make bunny face like this.

14. Rainbow Yarn Kids Craft Ideas for School Homework


Making 3D rainbow yarn craft is easy. Once they know how to make it, they will show this art to their friends with pride. You can help them by teaching this 3D rainbow yarn craft ideas.

15. Rubber Band and Marble Crafts for Kids


Leave your kids alone with their creativity. You only need to make a special wood board with holes and pins on it. Give them a set of rubber band and marbles and let their creativity work.

16. Summer Holiday Outdoor Craft Ideas


If doing craft at house is too bored, you can create outdoor crafts with your kids. Build an outdoor craft using wood branch and colorful fabric. Now you can tell them to decorate the wood tent with paper, yarn, rope and some fabric.

17. Kids Craft from Waste Paper


Not only you, sometimes your kids have to be creative with waste paper too. This beautiful butterfly craft was made from used newspapers and colorful paper. For the finishing, you can use a blackboard or dark paper for the background.

18. Kids Craft Made from Fabric


This mother bear and little bear craft are made from woven fabric. You can buy it or using your own unused cloth. Teach your kids to cut it properly to make a bears head, decorate it with black marker and then glue it.

19. Natural Craft Inspiration for Holiday


Creativity has no limits. Only with branches, leaves and tree trunks, you can create beautiful outdoor crafts in your backyard! This is perfect for your outdoor activities with your kids in summer.

20. Painted Mosaic Wood Crafts for Kids


this 3D mosaic paints are made from unconstrained square wood. This is a little bit difficult to make, but still nice crafts for kids ideas. Just prepare some wood blocks and wood paint, then you can let them make a beautiful wood mosaic.

21. Christmas Crafts for Kids


When Christmas comes, the simple crafts like this will be very suitable for table decoration centerpieces. You can make it with your kids by using a triangular cardboard. Then wrapped it with green yarn and decorated it with small pieces of colorful cotton ball.

22. Wind Chimes Paper Crafts for Kids


A piece of paper arranged like this will be a craft idea for a good kid to spend your weekend with the kids. You can hang it on the door as a wind chimes.

23. Rope Pencil Case Crafts for Kids


A special pencil case made from rope is truly a great DIY craft for kids ideas. You only need too prepare a brown ropes, glue, and used plastic bottles or metal can for the case base. Simple and useful!

24. Paper Bird Crafts for Kids


Beautiful paper birds like this are very easy to make. You don’t need to master origami because you only need to make a roll paper and then glue it. Now you can see a beautiful paper birds.

25. Animal Finger Puppets Crafts for Kids


No need to master knitting before you do it. You can make this craft using a fabric gloves that you can buy in craft supply. It’s a easy isn’t it? Your kids will love this craft, because they can create their favorite animal character like fox, squid, cat, dog, alpaca, etc.


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