35+ DIY Headboard Ideas that Will Make Your Bedroom Design Looks Gorgeous

Simple DIY Headboard Ideas. A one-of-a-kind DIY headboard can make a bold statement in your bedroom at a low cost. Not only low cost but also easy to manage. Check these list of simple DIY headboards ideas for inspiration and decor suggest.


List of 35+ DIY Headboards Ideas for Your Bedroom Decor Inspiration

Great headboard ideas can completely transform the look and feel of your bedroom! If you don’t believe us, just check out the 35+ creative DIY headboard ideas in the gallery below.

1. Upholstered DIY Headboard Ideas

Upholstered Headboard

We love a folding partition for the pretty way it breaks up a room. Here’s another transformative use: Slip it behind a basic bed frame to create a plush and personalized headboard. Recast one you already own with a favorite print and let them handle the upholstery and delivery. All you have to do is put your custom piece in place and dream on.

2. Leather DIY Headboard Ideas

Leather Headboard

These tactile squares are surprisingly versatile. Here, we mounted rich, buttery one-eighth-inch-thick sealed cowhide tiles in a master bedroom.

3. Get a Bespoke Bed DIY Headboard Ideas

Get a Bespoke Bed

A good seamstress can turn any swath of vintage fabric into a beautiful custom headboard. See more bedroom decorating tips from the decor specialist here.

4. Silhouette DIY Headboard Ideas

Silhouette Headboard

Use a slide projector and chalk pastels to trace shadows directly onto the board.

5. Door DIY Headboard Ideas

Door Headboard

You might call this idea “a-door-able.” An added bonus: one more shelf in your room.

6. Quilt DIY Headboard Ideas

Quilt Headboard

A makeshift curtain acts as a headboard in this cozy quilt situation.

7. Slip-covered DIY Headboard Ideas

Slipcovered Headboard

Go ahead, slip into something more comfortable. This simple fabric cover requires no scraping, sanding, or painting.

8. Pillow DIY Headboard Ideas

Pillow Headboard

Our final suggestion takes the pillows off your bed and mounts them on the wall. For a one-of-a-kind look, hang a collection of pillows on the wall as a headboard to sleep stylishly and well tonight. Below are some other great headboard concepts for you to consider.

9. Artsy Collage DIY Headboards Ideas

Artsy Collages Headboard

Use a collection of smaller art store canvases to create an artsy gallery headboard wall. Paint them in a semi or high-gloss, bold color for a contemporary look, like the bedroom shown below. You could also used recycled cardboard boxes if pre-stretched canvases are expensive. Paint the sides in a contrasting color to add dimension.

10. Wall Mural DIY Headboard Ideas

Wall Mural Headboard

A wall mural or painting can be a great headboard. If you’re wanting a softer more padded effect, paint or print your art on a large canvas, mount it to a frame and pad the backside for a custom, upholstered art headboard.

11. Cardboard Boxes DIY Headboard Ideas

Cardboard Boxes Headboard

Take cardboard boxes and panels of all sizes, “gift wrap” them in your favorite fabric(s) and hang them with Command hanging strips to create a three-dimensional headboard wall, like the headboard wall wrapped in Indian silk above.

12. Mosaic Foam DIY Headboard Ideas

Mosaic Foam Headboard

Buy thick foam, somewhere between 2-5” thick. Have the shop cut it for you on squares or rectangles of your choice. Wrap each panel with fabric and mount on the wall with easily removable Command hanging strips. For a unique look, use different sized shapes and varying color fabrics to create a custom mosaic-effect headboard.

13. Panel Fabric DIY Headboard Ideas

Panel Fabric Headboard

Another non-traditional way to create a cool, modern headboard is by using the panels unconventionally. Hang the panel vertically instead of horizontally. Group two narrow, vertical panels with a gap in-between. The headboard design above is not only different, but changes with the bedding. The homeowners remove the coordinating striped runners and replace them with new ones that go with the fresh, new bedding.

14. Converted Room Divider DIY Headboard Ideas

Room Divider Headboard

Find a unique wall panel or room screen and hang it as a headboard. Geometrically-patterned screens or room dividers create the most contemporary impact. For extra contrast, remove the screen’s boring paper backing and paint the screen’s frame in a color that ties into your bedroom’s decor.

15. Rug DIY Headboard Ideas

Rug Headboard

Add a soft touch of texture to your bedroom by hanging a rug on the wall as a headboard alternative. A standard 5×8 rug is wide enough to match a queen size, 60” wide mattress. An Indian dhurrie-style rug (shown above) is the easiest type of rug to work with, since it’s lightweight and thin.

16. Wood Cabinet DIY Headboard Ideas

Wood Cabinet Headboard

If you have the space, float a dresser, cabinet or desk in the room with enough space to open the drawers on one side and with the back of the furniture piece as your headboard. The best part is that you can sit lamps or other objects on the dresser to shine over you when reading in bed. If you’re dresser back is unfinished, paint it or line it with wallpaper.

17. Light Wood Pallet DIY Headboard Ideas

Wall Pallet Headboard

If you’re on a budget, the recycled headboard is often the coolest and least expensive headboard style. Some headboard ideas made from recycled wood. To create a sleeker, contemporary headboard look, sand and slightly whitewash the wood slats, so they don’t feel rough, look dirty or too rustic in appearance.

18. Rustic Pallet DIY Headboard Ideas

Rustic Pallet Headboard

Pallets are often given away at home improvement stores, lumber yards or even flea markets and you can use those free pallets to create a beautiful rustic looking headboard. The number of pallets you need actually depends on the shape of the pallets that you use. You should expect to have a few mishaps if you are using older pallets so have at least two on hand when you begin.

19. Channel Tufted DIY Headboard Ideas


Channel Tufted Headboard

Here’s an insanely easy and also super stylish headboard project super simple but elegant. You need to buy or creating a matching box spring cover first. After that, just put it on the headboard of you bed.

20. Plywood DIY Headboard Ideas

Plywood Headboad

Minimalists and fans of Scandi décor will love this simple plywood headboard for its natural beauty. Don’t have basic woodworking skills? No worries. It’s a cinch to build using pre-cut lumber. Just look for a hardware store that offers wood cutting with lumber purchases.

21. Raw Edge Wood DIY Headboard Ideas

Raw Edge Wood Headboard

Here might be the easiest woodworking project on our list. The live edge headboard only took a couple of hours to complete. The best part? Sawing out an organic design as shown is much easier than cutting a perfectly straight line.

22. DIY Book DIY Headboard Ideas

DIY Book Headboard

Make a bookish statement with this headboard ideas and inspiration. The clever do-it-yourselfer behind the project nailed old hardcovers onto a board. So the book still open, not falling down and looks amazing.

23. Barn Door DIY Headboard Ideas

Barndoor Headboard

Master woodworker doesn’t need to be a part of your do-it-yourself repertoire to make this farmhouse styled headboard. The blogger behind the project a woodworking novice was able to knock out the project in eight hours with her father’s help. The project requires two power tools: A miter saw and drill.

24. Pegboard DIY Headboard Ideas

Pegboard Headboard

If you think nothing is duller than neutral colors, you can spice up your bedroom with this graphic on headboard. To make, just map out your design on a pegboard with painter’s tape before painting. Afterward, add a few pegboard organizers for storage.

25. Woven Wood Turq DIY Headboard Ideas

Woven Wood Turq Headboard

This woven wood headboard is insanely easy to make. After having the lumber cut to size at her local home improvement store, she wove the piece together and secured with wood glue. Absolutely brilliant ideas.

26. Aquarium DIY Headboard

Aquarium Headboard

You could currently recreate the impressive experience of being underwater. This is definitely outstanding headboard fish tank that enables you to surround yourself by water and marine life. It can also come to be true in the cozyness of your bed room.

27. Book Shelves DIY Headboard

Book Shelves Headboard

There are all kind of different DIY headboard jobs you can take on to create something that’s truly one-of-a-kind for your bed room, however perhaps the easiest means to do it is by simply using a normal bookshelf. Simply position it versus your bedroom wall surface, press your bed up against it, and voila! You now have a fantastic headboard.

28. Classic Style DIY Headboard

Classic Headboard

If you feel like your bed room is missing out on something it is possibly a headboard! Here are the great headboard ideas for your bed room. The classic style DIY headboard will be best for you.

29. Farmhouse DIY Headboard

Farmhouse Headboard

Include a whole make over to your bedroom with these free DIY wood headboard plans. They all use wood to develop a rustic, modern, farmhouse, or classic headboard that will certainly look great in your home. A number of these cost-free plans additionally give you the choice of using recovered wood to save loan and get an unique and minimalist design.

30. Glamorous Rustic DIY Headboard

Glamorous rustic Headboard

Just what makes DIY headboards so fascinating is the fact that they exceed the basics and they typically additionally function as decorative items for the headboard design. This distinct headboard obtains a rustic, however yet glossy glamorous feel.

31. Light Clandestin DIY Headboard

Light Clandestin Headboard

No requirement to wory about your headboard design. Truthfully, you could build a headboard with lights clandestin. This headboard DIY designs will certainly make your bed looks amazing.

32. Ribbon DIY Headboard

Ribbon Headboard

The structure is constructed from lightweight wood planks; stretch ribbon overlapping the structure to provide the headboard much more strength. Make a basket-weave design with bow stretched that will certainly looks easy and trendy! I love that you could alter out the fabric too!

33. Modern String Lights DIY Headboard

Modern String Lights Headboard

There’s something regarding taking a look at string lights that is extremely comforting and relaxing. Perhaps it’s due to the reduced, twinkly light or perhaps it’s because they offer some relanxing effect when you fell the light when you shut your eyes.

34. Pallet Wood with Lights DIY Headboard

Pallet with Lights Headboard

Are you trying to find DIY Headboard ideas? Then you could just construct this DIY pallet bed with lights, has been made additional practical with custom-made included attributes and dimensions are really sturdy sufficient.

35. Sofa DIY Headboard

Sofa Headboard

The design makes it resemble a daybed or couch, which is actually neat. You just cover and tack or staple into headboard side and you could cut the plywood for any dimension so it does not matter what dimension your bed is, you can make this headboard for it.


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