20+ Farmhouse Laundry Room Ideas That Looks Beautiful

Farmhouse laundry room has always been a trend for home design. Many homeowners fall in love to the concept of the farmhouse design ideas. The appearance is very beautiful and the decoration is also not difficult. That is the reason many people like the laundry room design like this.

To create a farmhouse style laundry room design, you don’t need to spend a lot of money and energy. You only need to focus on three things. The first is the cabinet or shelves, the second is the washing machine and drying machine, the third is the sink and clothes basket. Especially for the sink you can use it or not use it.


List of 20+ Awesome Farmhouse Laundry Room Ideas and Inspiration

In general, farmhouse style laundry room designs can be made in any room. You can make it in the basement, attic, special laundry room or beside the bathroom. You can make it in a large room or in a small room. We will help you to provide some farmhouse laundry room ideas that you can apply to your home. Hopefully it can inspire you.

Savvy Farmhouse Laundry Room design with Shelves

farmhouse laundry room design on a budget

There is no laundry room design that is better than a design that prioritizes savvy concepts. Savvy concept encourages you to think creatively. You will think about how to maximize a narrow room to be able to make the maximum laundry room function. It was successfully realized with a savvy farmhouse laundry room decoration style above. Do you agree with us?

Farmhouse Laundry Room Makeover

DIY small farmhouse laundry room ideas

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, why not just makeover. You only need to replace a few parts that might already look worn out. That way you only need a little money to do it. We give one of the best ideas for those of you who want a makeover in your laundry room. Especially for those of you who want a farmhouse style decoration.

Farmhouse Laundry Room Paint Colors

shabby chic laundry room design ideas

Are you looking for a laundry room paint color idea that suits you best? You have come to the right place. We have a laundry room paint color idea that might suit you. You can copy the idea of paint clor in the image above. Maybe a little different from your thoughts, but we think that’s the best.

Farmhouse Laundry Room design with Storage

farmhouse laundry room storage ideas

Storage in the laundry room has an important function. With the storage you can store and place items to make it look neat. Especially for the laundry room, you can store laundry soap, washing equipment or some cleaning tools. If you want a farmhouse style laundry room storage, you can consider the idea above.

Simple Farmhouse Laundry Room

simple ideas for farmhouse laundry room

Simple is the real luxury. Many people stick to that sentence. It seems like it’s not just a normal sentence, it really is that way. A simple design can actually show luxury if we are able to maximize it. Like the laundry room idea above. You can see luxury in its simplicity, right?

DIY Farmhouse Laundry Room

diy farmhouse laundry room ideas

There is no good design that you can be proud of besides DIY. Only with DIY you can feel satisfied. If you want to have a DIY farmhouse style laundry room, then you need to try the laundry room design above. You can add or subtract some decorations that you think are not suitable for you. You can even copy a small part of the idea if you want.

Small Farmhouse Laundry Room Ideas

farmhouse laundry room small

Do you have a small laundry room? Are you getting bored and planning to remodel? Why don’t you try the laundry room design above. Maybe with the design above your laundry room, the change won’t be too flashy, but it’s good enough for a small laundry room. You don’t have to agree with that, but you can consider it.

Farmhouse Laundry Room with Lighting Ideas

farmhouse laundry room lighting ideas

Did you know, if you install a little accessory that can beautify your laundry room. You can install lights on the top of your laundry room. Look for lights that are suitable for your laundry room theme. We don’t know what your laundry room’s decor looks like, but this idea might inspire you.

Cheap Farmhouse Laundry Room Decor

farmhouse laundry room decor ideas

Not everyone is able to spend a lot of money to beautify their laundry room. Even if it’s just a small decoration, maybe it’s enough to spend a lot of money. Especially if we want a special decoration such as a laundry room with a farmhouse design. But you don’t need to worry, you can copy the idea of decoration like this. Very easy to make, very cheap for you.

Modern Farmhouse Laundry Room design Ideas

modern farmhouse laundry room ideas

If you want a laundry room with a farmhouse design, that means you don’t have to just stick to that design. You can combine other design styles too. One of the very coock design styles for your laundry room is a modern farmhouse. Although the basic design is a farmhouse, but you can still provide a modern touch there. You can see it from the picture above. Looks amazing isn’t it.

Minimalist Farmhouse Laundry Room Wall Decor

farmhouse laundry room wall decor

There isn’t a single person who doesn’t like the minimalist design style. The minimalist design style became very popular and many liked. Especially because the design concept that prioritizes simplicity. Don’t need a lot of decoration and don’t need a lot of furniture. That means you can save a lot of money.

Black and White Farmhouse Laundry Room Color Ideas

farmhouse laundry room decorating ideas

One of the most popular farmhouse style laundry room paint ideas is black and white. The combination of two neutral colors is able to provide beautiful colors but still minimalist. You don’t need any additional patterns, just plain colors are good. Especially if the purpose of the decoration is simplicity. Black and white is the best.

French Farmhouse Laundry Room Organizer

small farmhouse laundry room ideas

A good laundry room design doesn’t just pay attention to its beautiful appearance. But also must pay attention to its layout. A proportional laundry room arrangement will make it easy for us to do activities there. You can set up the model of laundry room organizer ideas above. You can take all the ideas or make a few changes.

Farmhouse Laundry Room Wallpaper Ideas

farmhouse laundry room ideas

A plain laundry room wall might look boring. So why don’t you put wallpaper on the walls of your laundry room. If you like the look that’s a bit chic, you can copy the ideas above. With a wallpaper wall that is slightly bright will make you enjoy while washing there. What do you think?

Rustic Farmhouse Laundry Room Ideas

rustic farmhouse laundry room ideas

If you like some good laundry room style combinations, you can try the rustic farmhouse style. A rustic farmhouse-style laundry room might look old-fashioned. But it gives a very unique impression. You can have a laundry room that is different from other people’s. You will be different in everything.

White Farmhouse Laundry Room Colors

farmhouse laundry room decor

Some people might be a bit confused choosing a good laundry room color. Actually there is no need to choose one of the best colors for your laundry room. Because there is no best color, choose the color you like. But if you ask for a little advice, then I suggest giving a neutral color like white. This color will match the minimalist laundry room design.

Tiny Farmhouse Laundry Room Decoration Ideas

DIY tiny farmhouse laundry room ideas

Is having a laundry room with a very small room a problem? It should not. As long as we can design it well, a small room can be a comfortable laundry room. Isn’t the purpose of the laundry room to maximize its function? This idea might inspire you.

Small Farmhouse Laundry Room with Sink

attic farmhouse laundry roomwith sink ideas

Some people argue that placing a sink in the laundry room is not necessary. But some people are very sure that installing a sink is very important. We can use the sink to wash hands with soap or dirt from clothes. Then do you need a large sink? Of course not. You have to adjust the size of your laundry room. You can copy the picture above.

Farmhouse Laundry Room Cabinets

basement farmhouse laundry room with storage ideas

Every room in the house will not function properly if there is no supporting furniture. Especially for laundry room, it needs supporting furniture for storage. One of the furniture that is suitable for that is cabinets. You can install a farmhouse style cabinet like the picture above. In addition to beautifying the appearance of your laundry room, a cabinet like this is also able to store laundry soap and some laundry equipment.

Farmhouse Laundry Room Sign Decor

farmhouse laundry room cabinets and sink ideas

One of the things to consider in decorating a laundry room is a wall decoration. Especially for farmhouse style laundry room has certain characteristics on the wall decoration. Like the wall decoration above, it looks very suitable for a farmhouse style laundry room wall decor. Black wooden board with vintage white text. Awesome.


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