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30+ Best Fireplace Tiles Ideas for Your Fireplace Mantel Remodel

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If you are searching for the best fireplace tile ideas, you’re in the right place. There are many type of tile that would be perfect for your fireplace in the living room or other room.

If your home currently has a fireplace and you intend to make it more attractive than before, try to apply these list of fireplace tile ideas. You can make your fireplace more beautiful without spending a lot of money.

List of 30+ Fireplace Tiles Ideas and Inspiration

Thankfully, there are many tile material that you can use to bring a new look to your fireplace. You can use popular material such as ceramic tiles or marble, from from the plain to the beautifully patterned.

1. Elegant Fireplace Tile Ideas

Elegant Fireplace Tile Ideas

A fireplace is supposed to be an eye-catching. If your fireplace is not eye-catching, giving it a face-lift with this stunning fireplace tile ideas. This one is a stylish alternatives that will change an ugly fireplace into an awesome fireplace in an instant.

2. Eclectic Fireplace Tile Ideas

Eclectic Fireplace Tile Ideas

Are you looking for the best fireplace tile ideas for freshening your old fireplace? You can choose this one. The combination of a mosaic tile in a shape can your fireplace looks fashionable. The mosaic pattern will spruce up your old fireplace without upstaging whatever else in the living room.

3. Bold Pattern Fireplace Tile Ideas

Bold Pattern Fireplace Tile Ideas

This farmhouse fireplace style have a bold fireplace tile. The tile pattern can make your fireplace better than before. Because the ceramic tiles have a relaxing pattern. It’s totally perfect combination of farmhouse style and this bold pattern tile.

4. Blue Square Fireplace Tile Ideas

Blue Square Fireplace Tile Ideas

Updating a boring fireplace by adding an aqua blue fireplace tile. With this small blue tile you can create an art deco fireplace design. At a glance, the appearance of this fireplace tile is like the scales of a fish.

5. Artsy Mosaic Fireplace Tile Ideas

Artsy Mosaic Fireplace Tile Ideas

Because wood is combustible, it is not the most effective material to redecorate a fireplace mantel. So, the porcelain fireplace tile is perfect for it. Look a this geometric fireplace tile ideas. The firmness of the pattern and the color combination of the tile fireplace is very cool, everyone would love it.

6. Artsy Fireplace Tile Ideas

Artsy Fireplace Tile Ideas

This very artsy fireplace tile design ideas is wonderful. Everyone would agree if they saw it. Nobody doubts it. If you want to upgrade your old fireplace then you must choose this design.

7. Abstract Pattern Fireplace Tile Ideas

Abstract Pattern Fireplace Tile Ideas

This mosaic stone tile will spruce up your old fireplace appearance. You can steal this ideas and apply into yours. With this mosaic stone pattern fireplace mantel you’ll make your living room looks gorgeous.

8. White Brick Style Fireplace Tile Ideas

White Brick Style Fireplace Tile Ideas

Reverse the time in your home by adding a little vintage style white brick pattern tile to your modern fireplace. For an instance, this retro family room looks fresh with this mid century furnishing.

9. Craftsman Fireplace Tile Ideas

Craftsman Fireplace Tile Ideas

A wood mantel is a characteristic of american craftsman style. So it makes sense that this craftsman home has a sapphire blue fireplace tile. The craftsman style fireplace mantel is suits with the cozy living room furnishing.

10. Unique Fireplace Tile Ideas

Unique Fireplace Tile Ideas

This fireplace tiles have been embellishing stylish floors for centuries. They are sturdy and you can find them in a large range of vivid patterns. The tile ideas create unique mixed between the fireplace and the pastel yellow wall color paint.

11. Super Minimalist Pattern Fireplace Tile Ideas

Super Minimalist Pattern Fireplace Tile Ideas

In this apartment fireplace, we can see an awesome ceramic tiles pattern that will transform an old fireplace into a new architectural artwork. The glazed black and white ceramic tiles is perfect combination for the black metal fireplace accents. Can you see that?

12. Square Pattern Fireplace Tile Ideas

Square Pattern Fireplace Tile Ideas

Are you still discover the ideal fireplace tile? Maybe the tiles with square pattern will suit you. By installing this tile, you can upgrade your fireplace which looks outdated. The square pattern tile offers the beauty touch in a modern fireplace.

13. Soft Color Fireplace Tile Ideas

Soft Color Fireplace Tile Ideas

This soft color fireplace tile is perfect for contemporary fireplace remodeling. The tile panel have a small beautiful pattern. We like exactly how the beauty of the small pattern tile combined with the white mantel.

14. Soft Blue Marble Fireplace Tile Ideas

Soft Blue Fireplace Tile Ideas

The fireplace in this picture reflects the elegant vibe of the living room with one best marble tile. The soft blue marble tiles will be blend with the white mantel. So calming, so relaxing.

15. Scandinavian Fireplace Tile Ideas

Scandinavian Fireplace Tile Ideas

When you looking for a long-lasting fireplace tile ideas, you could not be disappointed with this scandinavian fireplace tile. A blue colored flower pattern is awesome when it combine with all of the furniture. By installing it, you can upgrade your old fireplace appearance with a classic scandinavian style.

16. Precise Brick Look Fireplace Tile Ideas

Precise Brick Look Fireplace Tile Ideas

Updating an outer fireplace could spruce up an old fireplace. This one is a fabulous makeover of brick fireplace tile ideas. She changed the brownish brick that was in front of her fireplace with this white brick tile.

17. Pastel Color Fireplace Tile Ideas

Pastel Chocolate Fireplace Tile Ideas

We could not stop staring at this pastel brown color fireplace. The beautiful hand-crafted cement tile installation features a herringbone pattern design. The Moroccan inspired rug grabs the tile’s eye-popping design mix.

18. Pastel Grey Fireplace Tile Ideas

Pastel Brown Fireplace Tile Ideas

After freshening this outer fireplace with arabesque tile, this fireplace appearance looks amazing. Its still perfect for old black metal mantel. The rug, flower can, and all of the furnishing in this picture provide a good decoration. It makes the result of this fireplace remodel looks awesome.

19. Nice Fireplace Tile Ideas

Nice Fireplace Tile Ideas

Love the look of natural wood floor in the picture above. This fireplace also get makeover with low cost, its using a small flower pattern tile. Tiles like these are offered in a variety of realistic colors, but this color choices good to combine with a natural wood furnishing as you can see in the flooring.

20. Neat Fireplace Tile Ideas

Neat Fireplace Tile Ideas

The center of this living room remodel is the mid-sized block patterned tile in a wonderful shade of fireplace. The beautiful flower pattern give a contrasts to the white mantel while getting the shades of the wood ornamental accents.

21. Natural Fireplace Tile Ideas

Natural Fireplace Tile Ideas

Home remodel doesn’t need to be tough. For example this fireplace remodel. This fireplace looks better by just installing a new ceramic tiles. Easy to install, not so expensive and have a beautiful pattern.

22. Modist Fireplace Tile Ideas

Modist Fireplace Tile Ideas

A beautiful mosaic pattern tile give an upgrade appearances to this trendy fireplace. To stay clear of over blend, the outer and the inner of this fireplace have two different style of tile. The outer tile have a pattern and the inner tile doesn’t have pattern, only white color. The result of this mixed tile is wonderful.

23. Herringbone Pattern Fireplace Tile Ideas

Inside Herringbone Pattern Fireplace Tile Ideas

If you are looking for a minimalist fireplace decor, this ideas is for you. You can install a fireplace tile like this. This fireplace makeover is simple, but very beautiful with this minimalist herringbone pattern.

24. Wood and Herringbone Fireplace Tile Ideas

Herringbone Fireplace Tile Ideas

If your old fireplace tile makes you flinch, you could give it a new look. Right here, they made use of two different material to spruce up their old fireplace. They using wood and small white rectangular tile. This is a perfect combination so far.

25. Circle Grey Pattern Fireplace Tile Ideas

Grey Pattern Fireplace Tile Ideas

If you like the look of this fireplace, me too. Actually, this is the old patterned tile that normally found in old European home style. It’s a one of the most old tile that will bring back the beauty of old European centuries.

26. Granite Fireplace Tile Ideas

Granite Fireplace Tile Ideas

Did you know that you don’t have to paint your fireplace brick tile to spruce up your old mantel. Because no matter how good you are to paint it, the results will be unsatisfactory. It would be much better to replace it with a granite tiles like this. The appearance is good, the material is strong and durable.

27. Artsy Geometric Pattern Fireplace Tile Ideas

Geometric Pattern Fireplace Tile Ideas

You need to redesign your old tile to brighten up your fireplace. In this typical minimalist modern living room you need a simple but have an awesome look mantel design. So what type of fireplace tile that suits with you minimalist home design? the answer is the minimalist artsy geometric fireplace tile.

28. Full Pattern Fireplace Tile Ideas

Full Pattern Fireplace Tile Ideas

Revitalize your fireplace tile to have a new look is not difficult. All you need is just installing this beautiful flower pattern in your fireplace. This fireplace tile have a calm color, so you can do full installation on it.

29. Four Clover Fireplace Tile Ideas

Four Clover Fireplace Tile Ideas

The ideas of this fireplace remodel is simple and beautiful. So they using a clover-like patterned fireplace tile. At the end, they are successfully refreshed their old fireplace tile with an excellent new decor.

30. Fade Grey Pattern Fireplace Tile Ideas

Fade Out Pattern Fireplace Tile Ideas

If your living room obtains lots of natural light spot, then you should not to choose a black pattern fireplace tile. It’s to contrast! It would be better if you choose a fade grey patterned tile. You can see this grey patterned tile well-mixed with the white color wall and mantel.

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