25+ Best Living Room Color Scheme Ideas and Inspiration

The idea of a living room color scheme is needed to provide a new atmosphere for your family. The first step you have to do is rearrange the decor of your living room. Each color of the living room can determine what aura you want to present there.

If you want a living room that is similar to the living room decorations in a home magazine, you should start with a very good color scheme. It’s not all about the color you choose for the wall, but the whole area, pay attention to how the color combination is.

List of 25+ Best Living Room Color Scheme Ideas and Inspiration

Today we will share our favorite living room color scheme ideas collection to help you developing and decorate you living room. We find some color combinations that have brilliant shades and unexpected combination. Maybe you can find the right color scheme for your living room decor.

1. Yellow Violet Color Scheme Ideas

The color combination presented here is very bright. The combination of yellow and light purple is very prominent. Both colors are more attractive when combined with a little blue, navy and some gold accents on the lights at the top.

2. Violet White Living Scheme Ideas

This living room design adapts a minimalist modern style with a calm color combination. The most prominent colors in the living room above are purple, gray and black. The color combination gives a soft and calm atmosphere.

3. Violet Turquoise Color Scheme Ideas

A bright living room is perfect for homeowners who are friendly and cheerful. You can combine several bright colors like turquoise and purple. You can combine it with brownish purple and pale green.

4. Turquoise Grey Color Scheme Ideas

Turquoise color is quite popular. If you want the color scheme of the living room using turquoise colors, you can combine it with other colors, for example gray, black and dark green. The color combination will give the difference between the main color and the secondary color.

5. Turquoise Brown Color Scheme Ideas


Still with a turquoise-colored living room, you can make variations in color combinations by modifying other colors. This time you try to combine the turquoise color with brown. You will find a very beautiful and charming color combination.

6. Super Violet Color Scheme Ideas

The purple color scheme will never be outdated and will always be popular from time to time. But to create a good purple color scheme, you need furniture that has a deep purple color. So that the purple color looks more beautiful, mix with dark color schemes like black and gray.

7. Soft Brown Color Scheme Ideas

Some color schemes may present a certain atmosphere in your living room. If you want to bring an autumn atmosphere, then you should use a color scheme that has an autumn accent. Use a combination of orange, light brown and dark brown.

8. Soft Brown Black Color Scheme Ideas

If you want a color combination that seems soft, you need a light brown color combination. Combine several light brown colors with soft blue. Add black as a secondary color to some furniture and accents.

9. Sky Blue Red Color Scheme Ideas

One color combination that is quite popular is a combination of sky blue and white. Both of these combinations create soft and calm colors. So that the two color combinations do not look pale, then you should add a bright red and brown accent as a secondary color.

10. Red Brown Color Scheme Ideas

The combination of red and brown is perfect for decorating a modern living room. But the red and brown color will look flat without any other secondary color combinations. Therefore, you should add a little white, pale brown and a deep brown color.

11. Pastel Pink Soft Brown Color Scheme Ideas

Some living rooms with soft pink color schemes also look very beautiful. You can combine these soft pink colors with gold accents and soft chocolate. These three color combinations will make your living room feel calm and peaceful.

12. Pastel Grey Pink Color Scheme Ideas

Almost all pastel color combinations certainly look beautiful. The beauty is also seen in the living room color scheme above. The combination of pink, gray and black is very charming. All the combinations feel complete with the golden accents that make it look even more attractive.

13. Pastel Grey Brown Color Scheme Ideas

Gray is a popular color for a minimalist modern style house. As the design of the living room in the picture above uses gray and black as the base color. The color combination becomes complete with brown and yellow accents. What an amazing color combination.

14. Pastel Green Color Scheme Ideas

The green scheme for the living room may not be as common, but the results are pretty good. Just look at the living room color scheme ideas in the picture above. The combination of green and light brown is very charming. The black color in the living room makes it look beautiful.

15. Pastel Brown Color Scheme Ideas

The pastel brown color on the living room design above looks very nice and calm. The color combination of the living room is only about brown, there are no other color accents. Even so the combination of light brown to deep brown color makes an attractive and extraordinary appearance.

16. Orange Brown Color Scheme Ideas

The combination of orange and chocolate always makes it beautiful. For this reason, many people use these color combinations. Most of these color schemes are used to create a warmer and closer atmosphere. So the color scheme is perfect for living rooms and family rooms.

17. Navvy Grey Color Scheme Ideas

Some people like to decorate the living room with a combination of navy and gray. The results will not make you feel disappointed. The combination of the two colors looks very good for the living room and family room.

18. Natural Pastel Color Scheme Ideas

Some living rooms that use pastel color combinations do not have to look the same. You can make pastel color combinations that are a little more different than others. Maybe you are interested in using the color scheme as shown above. Indeed, the living room above uses pastel colors, but the color combination looks more natural.

19. Dark Grey Pink Color Scheme Ideas

The combination of dark and light colors can make your living room look very beautiful. You can try black and gray combinations as dark colors and pink and purple combinations as bright colors. Believe me, these color combinations will look amazing.

20. Dark Green Brown Color Scheme Ideas

If you are looking for a nice color combination but not too striking, you can use a combination of dark green and brown color. Both colors are suitable for a living room with a classic beach style. Dark green gives a deep feeling such as waves. Light brown color giving a feel of comfort while sitting on the beach sand.

21. Dark Blue Pink Color Scheme Ideas

The combination of dark blue and pink looks very beautiful. Living rooms that have a color combination like this tend to be more feminine. Some furniture accents such as flowers and feathers are perfect for a living room with a color scheme like this.

22. Calm Pastel Color Color Scheme Ideas

Pastel color scheme are always charming for the decoration of the living room. Although it is pastel, it does not mean that the furniture in the living room must be plain or without pattern. You can choose furniture that has a pattern but still in pastel colors.

23. Calm Brown Grey Color Scheme Ideas

The living room with the main color brown really fits in gray. Gray and brown will not dominate each other, but complement each other. So that the combination of the two colors does not accentuate one color but merges two colors into one. The results are amazing.

24. Black and Pastel Green Color Scheme Ideas

The living room in black is usually combined with pink, red, orange or purple. But the living room you see above uses an unusual combination. Black is combined with pastel and gray green. The combination isn’t too bad, you can make it another option for your living room decoration ideas.

25. Beach Color Color Scheme Ideas

26. Calm Blue Color Scheme Ideas

living room color scheme ideas repainting

The living room above is the only living room that can provide a beautiful beach atmosphere. The combination of navy blue, gray and pale brown is really very beautiful. There is no doubt that this is one of the truly natural living room color scheme ideas.


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    • I am using “PANTONE 2220 C” color. You can also using more bright color like “PANTONE 2233 C” or “PANTONE 2234 C”.

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    • I am using “PANTONE 406 C” color.

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    • I’m using “PANTONE 2136 C”, but you can also using brighter color like “PANTONE 2107 C” or darker color like “PANTONE 2164 C”

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