32+ Luxury Bathroom Remodel that You Must Copy This Ideas

As homeowners we need to make sure that every part of the room in our home has the right decoration and design to provide comfort. One of the important rooms in our house is the bathroom. We need to create a comfortable atmosphere so we can take a relaxing bath. As a result of a relaxing shower we will get a better mood to face the day.

Providing the right decoration and design in the bedroom not only gives comfort to the room. You can take it to the next level by adding something luxurious and some small details. Luxury bathrooms are a new trend adopted by homeowners in recent years. Because the bathroom is also an important area in the house, we need to make it special.


List of 32+ Luxury Bathroom Remodel that You Must Copy this Ideas

So, when you are done with a nice living room, a comfortable bedroom, and a modern kitchen, let’s make a luxurious bathroom design that matches your home design theme. Take a look at the following luxury bathroom ideas so you have a new perspective as to what luxury bathroom is right for you.

1. Soft Pink Luxury Bathroom

Soft Pink Luxury Bathroom

This one is an example that the bathroom can be very unique and has an out of the box style. Instead of making it minimalist, this bathroom has a midcentury style with a touch of luxurious pink from the bottom up!

2. Small Spaces Luxury Bathroom

Small Spaces Luxury Bathroom

Simple, minimalist, but still shows luxury is all you need. Tiles with black abstract patterns match the black wooden storage shelves and white flower decorations that give a touch of contrast with the ceiling and round bathtub.

3. Simple Mid Century Luxury Bathroom

Simple Mid Century

The concept of a Venetian-style bathroom shows luxurious details on gold-themed walls and floors. Existing chandelier can add to the luxury of this bathroom design. You can add a pair of luxurious chairs as an additional decoration.

4. Simple Design Luxury Bathroom

Simple Design Luxury Bathroom

Bathroom with a view like this is perfect for a bathroom in the apartment. You will feel comfortable when bathing near the window. You can see the view outside from the bottom up. This bathroom can also give you a beautiful view of the entire city when you stand up.

5. Rustic Style Luxury Bathroom

Rustic Style Luxury Bathroom

Rustic but still gives you a feeling of luxury. This bathroom combines two different things that create a new character. The combination of rustic ceiling and wooden furniture, rustic bathtub and the dark tiles shows that this bathroom is perfectly conceptualized.

6. Royal Luxury Bathroom

Royal Luxury Bathroom

The purpose of this luxurious bathroom is to show you that a warm and peaceful bathroom will give you a new, more comfortable experience when you are there. A soft touch of gold and luxurious tiles help to beautify the entire bathroom without hiding the feel of luxury.

7. Queen Luxury Bathroom

Queen Luxury Bathroom

This bathroom uses luxurious tiles and dark colored marble ceilings. Extraordinary lighting successfully shows a touch of luxury. While the bathroom sink uses black marble with wooden storage to add a vintage look.

8. Pink Luxury Bathroom

Pink Luxury Bathroom

Chic and modern luxury bathroom style with mini bathtub and round ceramic sink shows its simplicity. The combination of black on the pipes, lights, and mirrors on the stand sink balances all interior decorations well.

9. Natural Luxury Bathroom

Natural Luxury Bathroom

Luxury bathroom with open roof is one of the best bathroom ideas ever! It brings natural light inside and a fresh atmosphere. Glass shower and marble floor will add a luxurious feel to this bathroom.

10. Monochrome Luxury Bathroom

Monochrome Luxury Bathroom

The luxury bathroom for a small apartment like this shows its beautiful character thanks to the concept of black and white. Floors, sinks and walls with marble tiles add texture to this luxurious bathroom concept.

11. Modern Luxury Bathroom

Modern Luxury Bathroom

This luxurious bathroom shows a combination of modern and minimalist style bathroom. The lines on the ceiling and floor add beautiful and fit in with the main concept of this bathroom. The bathtub is the focal point in this modern bathroom.

12. Minimalist Luxury Bathroom

Minimalist Luxury Bathroom

A simple, space-saving and luxurious bathroom like this is amazing. I mean, look at the bottom shelf up! Also, a shelf on the wall near the bathtub. The shelf design gives you plenty of room to store toiletries properly.

13. Mid Century Luxury Bathroom

Mid Century Luxury Bathroom

One of the inspirations of luxurious Italian bathroom design that you should consider. The black square lines on the floor fit perfectly into the design with a mirror and a double sink. While the bathtub and the seats look harmonious on the side, so the middle area gives you full comfort while bathing.

14. Mediterranean Luxury Bathroom

Mediterranean Luxury Bathroom

Luxury bathrooms like this look complex, but are worth a try. Marble walls are flanked by wooden walls and large mirrors that reflect light. Mini bathtub and small standing desk make this bathroom look more spacious and comfortable.

15. Landscape View Luxury Bathroom

Landscape View Luxury Bathroom

Luxury bathroom with white color like this shows that the bathroom is a special and personal place. The bathroom is also the right place to release stress after the move. Bathtub on a beautiful marble floor can show the luxury of this bathroom from the bottom up.

16. Industrial Style Luxury Bathroom

Industrial Style Luxury Bathroom

Dark tiles on walls and floors always match white bathroom furniture. Luxurious industrialist-style bathrooms with good lighting decorations like these show great luxury. Who can refuse bathroom design like this?

17. Golden Scheme Luxury Bathroom

Golden Scheme Luxury Bathroom

Classic style luxury bathrooms always place the bathtub in the middle of the room as the focal point just below the chandelier. Aromatherapy candles, fancy flower vases and flower arrangements add a touch of luxury there.

18. Fur Season Luxury Bathroom

Fur Season Luxury Bathroom

This is a simple yet beautiful luxury bathroom style. Do not underestimate this tiny bathroom, because as long as you can set it properly, you will get a comfortable bathroom.

19. Fireplace in Luxury Bathroom

Fireplace in Luxury Bathroom

This luxurious bathroom looks amazing thanks to the beautiful lighting settings. A simple fireplace adds a luxurious feel near the trapezoid-shaped bathtub. Wardrobe with a luxurious mirror design makes this bathroom decoration look luxurious.

20. European Luxury Bathroom

European Luxury Bathroom

This royal bathroom style looks magnificent thanks to the bathtub which also gives you an experience like a spa at home. The chandelier provides dim lighting that makes it calm. Glamorous cabinets can be used to store toiletries and makeup tools.

21. Elegant Luxury Bathroom

Elegant Luxury Bathroom

Modern luxury bathroom style that gives you the impression of a spacious room even though it only has a small space. Bathtub at the bathroom window and dressing table add a touch of luxury to this bathroom.

22. Easy Luxury Bathroom

Easy Luxury Bathroom

The next level of Royal bathrooms with amazing details and luxurious bathtubs. The modern-style cabinet is perfect for glass vases and a European-style sofa set that complements every aspect of the room. There are no words that can describe this perfection.

23. Deep Green Luxury Bathroom

Deep Green Luxury Bathroom

Vintage style dresser fits perfectly with a standing shower that has a modern look. The luxurious bathtub at the end of the room is very attractive thanks to the balanced layout and able to display the maximum luxurious impression.

24. Classic Marble Luxury Bathroom

Classic Marble Luxury Bathroom

Mirror in this bathroom looks perfect with the whole design of this luxurious themed bathroom. A nice layout arrangement makes this luxurious bathroom look more spacious. Marble bathtub with beautiful art patterns and glamorous cabinets are more than enough to add a luxurious look to this bathroom.

25. Classic Luxury Bathroom

Classic Luxury Bathroom

The design of this bathroom takes the style of classic luxury. Where the bathtub is flanked by a dressing table and sink that makes it look more extraordinary with the spiral poles.

26. Classic Farmhouse Luxury Bathroom

Classic Farmhouse Luxury Bathroom

Copy this fancy bathroom idea to redesign your bathroom. Bathroom tiles like this give a luxurious look to this bathroom. Imagine a bathroom that is exactly the same as this but has tiles installed like this. It will definitely make your old bathroom look luxurious and attractive.

27. Casual Luxury Bathroom

Casual Luxury Bathroom

If you are a person who likes this type of bathroom with a luxurious modern design, you will like this bathroom design. You can have a bathroom that is truly unique and different from other people’s. Bathroom with a design like this can make every day really feel like a holiday weekend.

28. Brick Concept Luxury Bathroom

Brick Concept Luxury Bathroom

Luxury bathrooms don’t have to be just glamorous, but they also have to be comfortable and beautiful. The idea of ​​a luxury bathroom like this has everything. A glamorous, beautiful and comfortable design can be found in this bathroom.

29. Black Marble Luxury Bathroom

Black Marble Luxury Bathroom

Bring all your stress to this luxurious bathroom, then in a moment your stress will disappear. Dark gray colors like the atmosphere of midnight have an effective relaxation effect. This bathroom can be a convenient cocoon for you to get rid of boredom and restore good mood.

30. All Wood Luxury Bathroom

All Wood Luxury Bathroom

Luxury bathrooms don’t have to always use marble or granite tiles, wood tiles can also display extraordinary decorations. The natural touch of wood can produce a luxurious appearance. You can consider the bathroom tile option with wood material like this for your next project.

31. All Marble Luxury Bathroom

All Marble Luxury Bathroom

Most bathrooms with marble tiles have a luxurious and expensive impression. Like the marble floor in this luxurious bathroom. All the furniture there also looks balanced with a stunning wall surface design. We can take this luxury bathroom concept for both narrow and large spaces.

32. Calm Color Scheme Luxury Bathroom

Calm Color Scheme Luxury Bathroom

Luxurious bathrooms like this look well designed. The combination between a modern bathtub and a window is very modern. Ceiling lights also provide enough light in this bathroom. Marble floor tiles make the perfect finishing touch on this luxurious bathroom.


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