35+ Minimalist Furniture Design Ideas | Minimalist Furniture Inspiration for Now And Future Trends

Minimalist furniture can make your home looks awesome. Do you want to boost your home with a fashionable furniture trend? You can try this modern minimalism furniture ideas. If you are looking for new ideas, then we create this post for you.

In these list of minimalist furniture design ideas, you can see many of furniture from bold retro to the most trending furniture styles now. All of them are build in minimalism design.


35+ Minimalist Furniture Design Ideas and Inspiration Trends

We know that minimalism is concerning improving your home with the aesthetic principle that less is more. It may seem all too ordinary and very easy, however it can quickly transform from simple to elegant if you don’t do it right. It might be a little tricky to keep simplicity and also elegance in a pleased minimalism. But with these minimalist furniture it might be easy.

1. A Stylish Combination of Wood Dining Table

minimalist design style

Natural minimalism is a modern-day furniture trend that produces a posh and family-friendly space. Easily achieve the appearance with an eating table made of natural creatures, most significantly wood. This variant of the minimalist design is appealing for the way it advertises a contrast in between simplicity and also the hustle and bustle of modern-day daily living. That is excellent for everyday usage and unique occasions.

2. Spruce Up Your Room With This Chair

minimalist furniture design

This pleasing piece of minimalist furniture can raise the design of your living room. It’s alright to you to add some furniture around it, like a cushion and low table, the chair could still look sensational, comfy, and functional on its own. The contour structure of this minimalist chair offers a comfy seating, making it optimal for your living room or your workplace.

3. Relax On A Sleek and Comfortable Couch

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Looking for a cozy and elegant furniture for your living room? It would certainly be hard to defeat a minimalist sofa. It could definitely provide your living space a homey feeling while still looking contemporary and aesthetic. This is an example of minimalist couches that can make you feel relax and comfortable.

4. Minimalist Shelves For Smart Organization

minimalist lifestyle

It’s important to keep your minimalist home clutter-free. Properly maintain and stay in clean living with this minimalist shelves for your storage space. This shelves will increase your home decor appearance. It is very helpful furniture to save several items, from small stuff like photos and books to other mid-sized stuff.

5. Heavy-Duty Sunbeds And Chairs

minimalist interior design

Enhance your exterior space with these minimalist outdoor furniture like sunbeds and modern chairs. These modern-day furniture will allow you to decorate the outdoors a lot more. They also make a good balance combination between your interior and exterior. It could be useful to increase creative flow and harmony of your minimalist home design.

6. Minimalist Kitchen with A Functional Island

minimalist home design ideas

Your cooking space is one of the busiest spaces in your home. It can get messy if you do not have the proper furniture. A minimalist cooking space island with good storage is the answer. This minimalist island keeps your cooking efficiently and this kitchen cabinet will keep your kitchen looks neat and clean.

7. Illuminate Your Work Space With An Extendable Task Lamp

modern minimalist meaning

A minimalist home will look cramped without the proper lights. Provide your space an inviting and favorable appearance with an extendable desk light. This lighting trend could make you illuminate the dark spot in your home office. Use this cutting-edge light to increase the beauty of your workplace decor. It can be your best lighting fixture for an elegantly brightened.

8. An Out-Of-The-Box Living Room Table

minimalist design interior

The basic of minimalist design is simplicity, so it make you to think outside the box. Minimalist furniture are of one of the most home decor items that you’ll need to concern. An excellent method to embrace a minimalist design is to have furniture like this out of the box table design. This minimalist table not just add aesthetic look to your room but also update its function.

9. Le Corbusier (1987-1965)

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Born In: La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland
Years Active: 1914 to 1965

Birthed Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, Le Corbusier was the leader of modern design. His try outs furniture began in 1928 (dealing with Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand), and located form in 1929 with the “Grand Confort.” Later referred to as the “Le Corbusier Collection” this chair solidified his tale in seatsing practically as highly as in structures. The LC4, a seat, is possibly the most identifiable piece (yet, you’ll discover extra about that later on …).

Charles & Ray Eames (Charles, 1907-1978; Ray, 1912-1988)

minimalist interior design tips

Born In: St. Louis, Missouri; Sacramento, California.
Years Active (as a duo):1940 s to 1970s.

The U.S.A.’s essential partner and partner (not siblings!) innovative team operated in simply about every tool possible. They, even more than other designer, aided form California and also American Modernism in the early 1950s/ They are maybe most popular for the Eames Lounge (670) and Ottoman (671 ), as well as their molded fiberglass lounge chairs.

Eero Saarinen (1910-1961)

minimalist small living room

Born In: Kirkkonummi, Finland.
Years Active: 1940 to 1961.

Eero Saarinen was a Finnish birthed American designer. His most renowned design is probably the St Louis Arch, yet there’s a terrific likelihood you’ve beinged in one of his timeless exec chairs or consumed dinner off of the tulip table that he created for Knoll in the early 50’s.

Jean Prouve (1901-1984)

 minimalist furniture designers

Born In: Nancy, France.
Years Active: 1923 to 1984.

Jean Prouvé was a self instructed designer and designer. Functioning mostly in steel, his designs are extremely demanded on the modern public auction market. Recently (as documented in this great message on Mondo Blogo) dealerships and also scavengers alike have actually been traveling to the far reaches of ex-French nests in search of his wares.

Paul McCobb (1917-1969)

 minimalist living room small space

Born In: Medford, Massachusetts.
Years Active: 1945 to 1969.

Paul McCobb was a self experienced American modernist. After developing his own studio in 1945, he was active up until his fatality in 1969. His Planner Group line, was amongst the most effective marketing modern furniture lines of the mid century duration. Released in 1949 by Winchendon Furniture Company this line was in production for 14 years.

Ettore Sottsass (1917-2007)

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Born In: Innsbruck, Austria.
Years Active: 1947 to 2007.

Ettore Sottsass was a late 20th century Italian Designer. He preferred the bold colors of Pop Art and also remarkable types of Art Deco and helped define Post-Modernism when he founded the Memphis Group in 1981.

Florence Knoll Bassett (1917-)

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Born In: Saginaw, Michigan.
Years Active: 1943 to 1965.

Though her situation pieces and also couches are ubiquitous, Florence Knoll Bassett notoriously did rule out herself a furniture designer. She said the she would just make furniture when the existing Knoll collection did not fulfill the requirements of her indoor tasks. She co-founded Knoll Associates with her spouse Hans. When he passed away in a vehicle mishap in 1955 she took over the business and helped form the center of American Modernism by presenting collections designed by Harry Bertoia, Eero Saarinen, George Nakashima, Alexander Gerrared and plenty of other masters of mid century style.

Jens Risom (1916-)

modern minimalist furniture ideas

Born In: Copenhagen, Denmark.
Years Active: 1939 to present.

A Danish birthed and educated developer, Jens Risom was just one of the very first to fuse Scandinavian and American designs. In 1941, after moving to New York, Risom assisted Hans Knoll release his furniture firm. He designed 15 of the 20 pieces is Knoll’s inaugural “600” line. He proceeded creating via the 50’s as well as 60’s under his own firm Jens Risom Designs.

Edward Wormley (1907-1995)

Born In: Rochelle, Illinois.
Years Active: 1928-1960s.

After being worked with at the end of the clinical depression by American furniture maker Dunbar, Edward Wormley assisted make the manufacturer the manufacturer of a few of the most classic American layout pieces of the 20th Century. Avoiding the daring of the majority of other modernists, Wormley chose instead to take his signs from traditional and historical styles and producing procedures, and also simplify and also update them.

Milo Baughmann (1923-2003)

modern minimalist furniture inspiration

Born In: Goodland, Kansas.
Years Active: 1947 to 2003.

One of one of the most prolific designers of American Modernism the listing of firms he designed for beginning in the mid 40’s until his fatality in 2003 seems endless: Calif-Asia, Mode Furniture, Glenn of California, The Inco Company, Pacific Iron, Murray Furniture of Winchendon, Arch Gordon, Design Institute America, Woodard, George Kovacs, Directional, as well as Henredon. His most well well-known job was provided for Thayer Coggin and also Drexel where he produced seats as well as instance pieces that have actually influenced nearly every modernist designer that came after him.

Charlotte Perriand (1903-1999)

modern minimalist furniture inspiration for your home

Born In: Paris, France.
Years Active: 1920s to 1960s.

After initially being rejected a job at Le Corbussier’s studio, a consistent Charlotte Perriand proceeded establishing her very own job until she as at some point hired in 1927. Charlotte Perriand got her start carbon monoxide developing 3 chairs with Le Courbousier, and also Pierre Jeanneret (one for sleeping, one for conversation, as well as one for sleeping) for Corbusier’s studio in 1928. She went on to more create a populist and egalitarian approach of furniture design as well as became one France’s a lot of prolific as well as accumulated furniture designers of the 20th century.

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969)

modern minimalist furniture

Born In: Aachen, Kingdom of Prussia, German Empire.
Years Active: 1908 to 1969.

Mies (as he is often referred to) was a German-American most understood for his minimalist architectural accomplishments. He likewise developed 2 of one of the most legendary (and commonly duplicated) sitting items of the 20th Century, the Barcelona Chair as well as the Brno Chair.

George Nelson (1908-1986)

modern minimalist furniture decor

Born In: Hartford, Connecticut.
Years Active: 1936-1986.

In spite of having no experience designing furniture George Nelson was employed as the Director of Design at herman Miller Inc in 1945. He proceeded at the helm until 1972. In his virtually 30 year period he was liable for brining Ray as well as Charles Eames, Harry Bertoia, Donald Knorr, and Isamu Noguchi in addition to his very own designs into the Herman Miller fold thus catapulting them to the forefront of American modernism.

Harry Bertoia (1915-1978)

modern minimalist furniture decor ideas

Born In: San Lorenzo, Italy.
Years Active: 1939 to 1978.

In 1930, when Harry Bertoia was 15, he left his native Italy to see his older sibling in Detroit as well as never left. Seven years later on discovered him researching layout at the Cranbrook Academy of Art researching with Ray and also Charles Eames. In 1950, after transferring to Pennsylvania to open his very own workshop- he deigned his iconic wire structure Bertoia Collection for Knoll. In his own words, “If you consider these chairs, they are mostly made from air, like sculpture. Space passes right through them.”.

Marcel Breuer (1902-1981)

modern minimalist furniture decor inspiration

Born In: Pecs, Hungary.
Years Active: 1920s to 1981.

Marcel Breuer, a Hungarian born engineer and designer, made his mark on modernist furniture layout while mentor at the Bauhaus in the 1920’s. Inspired by the handlebars of his Adler bicycle his experiments with tubular steel resulted in the style of the Wassily chair- among one of the most ubiquitous items ahead out of the Bauhaus.

Issamu Noguchi (1904-1988)

modern minimalist interior design

Born In: Los Angeles, California.
Years Active: 1922 to 1988.

Noguchi was an American born Japanese landscape architect, sculptor and furniture designer. When he was brought in to make for Herman Miller by George Nelson in 1947, he created several of one of the most well-known layouts of the expanding American Modernism movement including the Noguchi coffee table (which has actually spawned a tumblr).

Sam Maloof (1916-2009)

modern minimalist interior design ideas

Born In: Chino, California.
Years Active: 1945 to 2009.

Sam Maloof, a California-born mid-century artisan, always defined himself as a woodworker, however yet his sensibility as a developer will be for life well-known as his very own. Steeped in practice as well as comfort his shaking chairs have actually been owned by head of states, collected by museums, and also wished for by collectors for years.

George Nakashima (1905-1990)

modern minimalist interior design inspiration

Born In: Spokane, Washington.
Years Active: 1930s to 1980s.

George Nakashima, a Japanese-American architect, woodworker and furniture developer infused American Modernism with Japanese craftsmanship to develop a special design of furniture that he generated manually until his fatality in 1990. His design most notably uses one-of-a-kind pieces of trees with unfinished, natural sides.

Alvar Aalto (1898-1976)

modern minimalist interior design trend

Born In: Kuortane, Finland.
Years Active: 1920s to 1970s.

Working mainly in his indigenous Finland, Aalto helped define Scandinavian modernism. In the early 1930’s he developed a process for flexing plywood that permanently revolutionized furniture production and also greatly affected American designers such as Charles and also Ray Eames.

Gaetano Pesce (1939-)

modern minimalist interior design tips

Born In: La Spezia, Italy.
Years Active: 1959 to Present.

An Italian developer whose pieces for B&B Italian and Cassina in the 70’s and 80’s aided push the envelope of Italian post-modernism to the leading edge of contemporary layout.

Hans Wegner (1914-2007)

modern furniture

Born In: Tønder, Denmark.
Years Active: 1927 to 1985.

Probably best understood for his chairs, Hans Wegner is among the most respected designers of the Danish mid-century contemporary period. his Papa Bear chair is among one of the most renowned items from the 1950’s Danish institution and also continuouslies fetch high rates at public auction residences the wold over.

Poul Kjærholm (1929-1980)

modern furniture ideas

Born In: Øster Vrå, Denmark.
Years Active: 1948 to 1980.

Kjaerholm was an additional heavy player of the Danish Mid Century duration. His help E. Kold Christensen (later on produced by Fritz Hansesn) is some of the most sought after on the modern market.

Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971)

modern furniture inspiration

Born In: Copenhagen, Denmark.
Years Active: 1924 to 1971.

Arne Jacobsen was one more influential Danish designer who made an influence on the mid century furniture motion with his minimalist practical chair layouts. His Swan and also Egg chairs are among one of the most well-known items from this duration.

Borge Mogensen (1914-1972)

modern furniture tips

Born In: Aalborg, Denmark.
Years Active: 1930s to 1960s.

After working under Danish master Kaare Klint in the late 1930’s Mogensen went on to manage the style studio for FDB (the Danish Design Co-Operative) before developing his very own studio in 1950. Defined by clean lines and simple production approaches, Mogensen’s items are essential examples of the layout principles prominent with Danish modernist.

Greta Grossman (1906-1999)

minimalism artists

Born In: Helsingborg, Sweden.
Years active: 1920s to 1960s.

After cutting her teeth in the expanding Scandinavian modernist scene in her native Sweden, Greta Grossman relocated to Los Angeles in 1940. It was below that she made her largest effect in furniture style helping to form California innovation. Her lights for Barker Brothers (later Ralp O. Smith) are probably her most well understood items.

So, which among these minimalist furniture trends are your favorites? While attaining minimalism is in some cases referred to as less complicated stated than done, adhering to these 8 furniture tips as well as 25 minimalist furniture design motivation from globe designer, would assist you accomplish a fashionable and also comfy minimalist room. Explore these items and you can be sure to have a simpler yet much more lovely house in the future.


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