40+ Astonishing Minimalist Home Decor Ideas and Inspiration

Minimalist home decor ideas is the minimalist decorating style which is quite popular nowadays. This style of design features something simple but still has important functions. So even though it’s simple it remains useful.

Far from being monotonous, this style is aesthetic, functional and prestigious. We have a lot of minimalist home decor ideas for those of you who’re preparing to explore your creativity to decorate a beautiful minimalist home.

But, can we design a minimalist home with a small room? Developing small spaces isn’t hard, however it does need a specific balance of space and furniture, but it’s not a problem as long as you know how to set it up.


Awesome 40+ Minimalist Home Decor Ideas and Inspiration

Minimalist decor appears to be the most up to date trend around the world. The simplicity of the stuff, the neater it looks, and also the less complicated to handle. Below are some of our minimalist home decor ideas collection that will make you want to redecorate your home to get eliminate the mess.

1. Minimalist Bedroom with Simple Furniture

 minimalist home design ideas

If you have the high-end of a big home window in your room, simply give it a beautiful look by adding a string fairy lights. Add two potted plants on each side of the bed will make the look more natural. So with this simply decor, your bedroom will certainly look more fresh than before.

2. Minimalist Printable Decor is The Best

warm minimalist decor

If you do not have a home window you can make use of simple printable picture for wall decor and the fairy lights around your bed. It’s look simple but perfect for your minimalist home decor.

3. Minimalist Walk-in Closet Near Your Bed

minimalist decor pinterest

This ideas of minimalist walk-in closet with hanging stand is perfect for you. You’ll have the ability to handle your clothing way better with this method. Add some plants and small mirror to your bedroom also useful. It’ll make your life very easy and your room still amazing.

4. Incredibly Minimalist Private Room

minimalist decor apartment

If you’re looking for incredible minimalist decor, add this decor ideas with one potted plant and also one mirror to your room. A washing bag made of cane will certainly additionally include aesthetics.

5. Give Your Room A Cozy Tone

minimalist decorating on a budget

You can get bed sheets and pillows in dark colors to give your room a cozy tone. With just a simple furniture around it, you can make your room better than before. Think about it!

6. Obtain A Minimalist Look for Your Wall Surface

minimalist decorating small spaces

Choose a book stand similar to this one and a it’s huge frame for your wall surface. The lamp could be the only one that hangs from the ceiling to illuminate the room. With this way, you’ll have a reading corner right in your bed. This minimalist set up is a blessing for those that love simplicity.

7. Simply Focus on The Corner Spot of Your Room

minimalist rooms on pinterest

If you have a lot of photos that deserve to go on the wall surface, you could hang it to spruce up your room. Look at the minimalist setup right here. It focuses on keeping all the stuff stay simple even it looks unbalance. Don’t just focus on the bed and the wall decor. look at the corners, the bulb lights is awesome.

8. Looks Bright and Minimalistminimalist home interior

pinterest.comA bright and minimalist style is really good to decorate your room. Look at this simple rope for wall hanging decor over the bed and the arrangement of the tiny cabinet and the rug. All of this is the ideal minimalist room remodel so far. Put a minimalist mirror in your bedroom and a good potted plant for the final touch.

9. Absolutely Impressive Minimalist Design

modern minimalist interior design

You can use a low bed if you need to create low minimalist bedroom decor. Because the bed is low, you need close lighting, so put down the lamp little bit closer to your bed. Adding a books under the side table and coffee above it is perfect ideas. Then, by adding a big poster, you can make your wall looks great.

10. Simple Set Up and Keep a Minimalist Look

minimalist decorating ideas

Having a wall mirror in your room will make your room is larger than it looks. It is a wonderful room decor although it looks very minimalist. The minimalist potted plant and the tiny side table is stunning. Even the carpet also fits perfectly with the characteristics of the floor.

11. Minimalist Decor That’s Looks Maximal

minimalist diy projects

Look at the fairy lights, it can light up all of the room. The fairy light also cove the corner which the light bulbs are stuck on the wall. You can make it balance by sticking your much-loved photos to the wall. Then add the geometric wall decor to make the best minimalist look.

12. Modern Minimalist Decor With Minimalist Lamp

minimalist home decor room

With this arrangement, you can make gorgeous minimalist bedroom decor in your home. For the best result you need to maintain the balance of the furniture in your bedroom, like this. A minimalist big lamp on the ceiling will beautify and lighten up the room. .

13. Minimalist Open Wardrobe For Your Own

minimalist home decorating

You can make a minimalist open wardrobe for your own. All you need is a tree branch and some rope for hanging it. You can add a black small rug, a little side table and also a washing pail to keep your room tidy.

14. Tassels Are The New Style of Minimalism

 minimalist house decor inspirations

Tassels are the new style of minimalist decor stuff. It’s very easy to DIY and hang this accessory in your room. Tassels makes your room looks cool. You can add some of your best photographs you like and hang it under the tassels for a beautiful wall decor.

15. Small But Cozy Minimalist Room

minimalist room decor diy

If you have a small room, You can arrange it easily. But to make it comfortable, you have to be more wise. You have to put as little furniture as possible to keep it cozy. For example this fairy lights, simple mirror and also a charming side table are all the things you should put in your your space. That’s enough.

16. Make It Minimalist Even for Workplace

16 21

Create your minimalist workplace beautiful with pretty wood beam of lights. Reclaimed oak wall mounted shelves and the industrial work desk is the best combination. Especially if it’s combined with a repainted white chair. This perfect combination makes your work place looks trendy, calm and brightening.

17. Mid-Century Minimalist Dining Room

 minimalist house decor idea

When you see the sleek seating, it will be a legendary midcentury-modern chairs. It’s very stand out against a rustic farm table. The white walls and the trim edge background is suit with its contemporary artwork wall decor and the luxury light fixture. A pink suede rug softens the appearance.

18. Multi Color Minimalist Family Room

minimalist house interior

The combination of a black color furniture is perfect. The white color scheme around it is awesome. It become stunning when combined with an orange, black and white dot pattern, balck and grey accent cushions. This is not just a home decor, this is artwork, an aesthetic minimalist family room that showcases clean-line furnishings.

19. Minimalist Neutral Paint Colors

minimalist house decor interior

Enhance minimalist decor with tidy neutral wall surface color is the key. From abundant gray to crisp white, it makes the combination looks great. So make sure you think carefully before you choose the paint colors for every space in your home.

20. Little Luxuries-Minimalist

minimalist house interior

Minimalist style doesn’t have to stop with a small space. A minimalist industrial table set  and two farmhouse lamp make the most of a tiny dining room much better look. The dining room color scheme also blend with the color of the kitchen. A two big farmhouse pendant light make a lot of impression above a cool dining centerpiece.

21. Lofty Vision Minimalist Look

minimalist house interior design inspiration

The design shown here is very nice, colorful but still minimalist. The combination of furniture also fits the room. I think this kind of decoration should be considered.

22. Designed to Please Your Eyes

minimalist house interior design ideas

This modern stainless steel dining tables offer the perfect touch of minimalist style. It’s suits with retro rush chair dining seats. Modern light fixture above the dining table also raises this beautiful dining room decor.

23. Minimalist Make Up Space for Hers

minimalist house interior design

A creamy white modern chair is fashionable and pleasing for the eyes. A rectangular farmhouse beautiful wood make up table makes it looks stunning. A deluxe table lamp and the mirror is perfect. It completed with the indoor plant beside the table.

24. Best Minimalist Bedroom Decor

minimalist interior design history

A tiny lamp beside the bed is excellent. The artistic frame  accessories near the lamp also aesthetic. A small single cabinet below makes perfect combination of brightened soft grey color and light brown color behind. This is the good example of minimalist decor.

25. Minimalist DIY Open Shelving

minimalist interior design history

Build a minimalist furniture is not so difficult. This DIY wall mounted open shelves is easy to build. It’s not take to much time, it’s also cheap. No need to spend a lot of money.

26. Minimalist Dining Room Arrangement

minimalist interior design for small condo

An extended reclaimed-wood modern chair is awesome. This room decor framed art work and also kitchen equipment for a fresh as well as functional attribute for the wall.

27. Casually Luxe Minimalist Bedroom

minimalist interior design inspiration

You can build your minimalist bedroom without jumbling your design. Simply arrange a few simple furniture items from casual into luxury design styles.

28. Minimalist Fancy Design Style

minimalist interior design ideas

Fancy home furnishings, just a minimalist cabinet with unique art deco style. A medium sized cabinet creates a functional area in the living room corner, it’s very useful and pleasing.

29. All Natural Elements

minimalist interior design ideas characteristics

Spruce up a minimalist dining room by contrasting the clean lines chair with vintage brown couch. This minimalist mid century dining room is cozy and functional as dining room and relaxing space.

30. Minimalist Space with A Cheerful Color

minimalist interior design characteristics

It’s absolutely great minimalist modern design. A soft color bedroom set with minimalist headboard and simple furniture combination looks beautiful.

31. Minimalist Living Room Inspiration

minimalist concept interior design

Modern bookcase behind allow you to stay little longer here. The minimalist chair and table furniture set makes you feel comfortable. Cold weather not so bother you because of warm fireplace in the center of bookcase.

32. Minimalist Mirror on The Wall

minimalist design style inspiration

This sofa sets is particularly good for minimalist decor. Balance a space by adding a low wood table. All the sets matching with the minimalist mirror on the wall. This is perfect modern minimalist design.

33. Stylish Solutions for Minimalist Spaces

minimalist design style ideas

In some situation you haven’t listened to, such as luxury is best home design. No, minimalist is the new home design style. Show them this little edge furniture, irregular nook, or superficial wood table. trust me, with these trendy methods, your small space will looks awesome.


34. Super Minimalist and Ultra Modern

minimalist design style

Design ideas like this are commonly applied to modern minimalist style homes. Very minimalist furniture placement shows good character. While the use of geometric furniture shows the modern minimalist style home decor ideas.

35. Tidy Kitchen with Minimalist Decor

minimalist home decor ideas

To be a minimalist, you’ll have to say farewell to clutter. So, to do that, you’ll have to rearrange your kitchen shelves and also the kitchen island. This kitchen design ideas show you the well-chosen furniture that actually made it looks awesome.

36. Reclaimed Wood Accent Decors

 minimalist interior decorating inspiration ideas

Don’t assume that even if you have a minimalist home, you can not enhance it. The guideline is to utilize ornamental components as accents and also not overdo it. This shower room makes use of strong accessories but stay simple with just a low reclaimed wood table, small plant and not so big frame art.

37. Clean Lines and Wide Landscape View

 minimalist interior decorating inspiration

Combine the minimalist clean lines home furniture with the wide glasses window. You can see the landscape view of outside from your home. It would be a great deal of flat surface areas for minimalist living room decor.

38. Play with Different Style Furniture

 minimalist interior decorating ideas

To eliminate the monotony of a restrained color pattern in your minimalist home, you can use some items with different style furniture. The bedroom in this picture is the best example. Even though it only has white and also grey, it comes to life, thanks to the little crystal chandelier, the white quilted duvet bed cover and the grey hairy blanket.

39. Just Let The Natural Light In

 minimalist interior decorating

A bare home windows is a good choice for minimalist home design. You can let your windows open and allow the light comes in, it would significantly enhance your home decor. If your privacy is a problem, use the thinnest curtain products or use the blinds.

40. The Power of Simple Objects

 minimalist decor inspiration

Decorating a minimalist home can make you re-think about simple items. Just consider exactly how remarkable these bare light bulbs look versus the wall. The two black color modern chair is suits with the white small table.

41. Patterns for Minimalist Decor

 minimalist decor

Minimalist home usually use a limited quantity of patterns or choose to do away with it completely. If you make a decision to select patterns, use a small scale, tone to tone or unobtrusive pattern. When it comes to prints, use it for an accent piece.


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