25+ Awesome DIY Pipe Table Ideas and Pipe Desk Ideas and Inspiration

Home office should be arranged neatly so we have comfortable environment to do our jobs. I believe that cozy workspace is not just boosting the performance but also help you to be more creative. On that note, I will always choose home office desk that provides spaces, comfort, and fineness.

Pipe table could be an excellent alternative for those who are looking for affordable office desk. Instead of buying modern office desk, opt for simple and environmentally friendly office desks that provide comfort without reducing its main function to work. These pipe table ideas will help you building one or even though you ask carpenter to help, you have the grand design.


List of 25+ Awesome DIY Pipe Table Ideas and Pipe Desk Inspiration

These pipe table ideas are free to copy and it is okay to build based on one of these pictures. We are happy to help you decide the perfect ideas that well-suit to your mind. Feel free to steal the ideas from the gallery.

1. Craftsman Pipe Table Ideas


The classic pipe table with hardwood is suitable for any kind of room. Whether you use it for the home office or the dining table, it will accommodate all of your needs.

2. Corner Pipe Table Ideas


The L-shaped home office made out of the used pipes would be the best selection. The environmentally friendly table provides comfort to do your daily job. You can put it on the corner of the room to save more spaces.

3. Contemporary Pipe Table Ideas


A mini pipe table for the living room will show the guests that you can make a unique table from the scratch. The solid wood and the metal pipes blend in with the brown couch in the room.

4. Colonial Pipe Table Ideas


Another kind of classic and rustic pipe table for the living room with storage matches with the vinyl plank flooring. It also gives warmth in the room thanks to the similar colors themed.

5. Coastal Pipe Table Ideas


The key in making pipe table is the selection of the wood material. This time the oak tree solid wood shows the marks and veining that brings the nature ambience inside the house. It suits the carpet floor and elegant sofa.

6. Classic Pipe Table Ideas


This one is one of the best pipe table ideas that you can try to make. Instead of using solid wood, you can combine material with glass and fabricated woods. The pipe storage under gives you room to store your books collection.

7. Chic Pipe Table Ideas


Show your wife that dressing table is not always elegant and expensive. The minimalist styled pipe table could steal the attention in the room. Coat the pipe with shine golden tone to give striking look.

8. Artsy Pipe Table Ideas


You can turn the used skate board into unique pipe table by following this idea. Use extra pipe on the center of the board to distribute the weight balance on the table.

9. Art Deco Pipe Table Ideas


This one is the customized home office pipe table that has compartments on the both sides. Meanwhile the center has extra space for you to work so you can put your half-body under the table.

10. White Pipe Table Ideas


A mini pipe table is the perfect choice as the corner table. It is cheap, useful, and also fit with any kind of interior concept. The trick is that you put the table diagonally.

11. Vintage Pipe Table Ideas


The classic styled pipe table fit for any rooms and purposes. This one has medium height which perfect for the living room so you can store the books, mini sound, or any other decorations.

12. Victorian Pipe Table Ideas


By home office, I mean it is not always corporate job. Even the architect needs personalized pipe table where he can do the job. The raw wood represents the job he does.

13. Tropical Pipe Table Ideas


This DIY metal pipe table looks stunning. You can see the beautiful wood texture on the surface. It’s suit for coffee table or living room table.

14. Traditional Pipe Table Ideas


The double-decker pipe table gives you extra space to store few stuff on the desk. This one is suitable for the gardener because you can use this as the potting bench at the back yard.

15. Shabby Chic Pipe Table Ideas


The classic pipe table can come in many ways. This one the desk used solid wood that arranged vertically. The irregular wood’s color shows the character of the table thanks to its texture.

16. Pallet Pipe Table Ideas


Instead of personalize the desk, you can choose the unused pallet. You just need to build the structure and then renew the pallet by using oil finish to create horizontal stripes texture on the desk.

17. Minimalist Pipe Table Ideas


I call it ‘The Corgi’ because it has long body but short legs. The vertical wood texture add the vintage style from the table. You can use it as the secondary table on the living room.

18. Log Pipe Table for Mudroom


A thin pipe table like this is perfect to add more space for the interior decoration. Build small but tall structure and use rectangle veneered wood. Now you have small table to store the photo collage or trophy.

19. Industrial Pipe Table Ideas


A square pipe table with dark finish on the top gives either elegant or minimalist look. It goes well for any kind of rooms that have brick wall and wood plank flooring.

20. Green Pipe Table Ideas


The home office pipe desk should be easy to move to give multi-purpose feature. On that note, you can add wheels on the bottom so you move it anywhere in the room.

21. Farmhouse Large Pipe Table


This one requires effort to make and costs expensive to build. The thin pipe structure will stand the wide table top made out of solid wood. This one fits to serve as the dining table.

22. Elegant Pipe Table with Flexible Wheel


I agree that the pipe table should be versatile so you can move it wherever you want. The classic type pipe table uses 3-flanks of hardwood and complement with the wheels that gives flexibility.

23. Rustic Pipe Table Design Ideas


The rustic style pipe table corresponding with the same theme customized office chair. Both of the furniture use natural wood that show original texture while the pipe add industrial atmosphere.

24. Dark Wood Pipe Table Ideas


Solid dark wood with black pipes managed to give elegant look. Even when you put it on the concrete wall and floor, it still shows its elegant character and showing dominant in the room.

25. Savvy Pipe Table Ideas


A home office pipe table with extra space underneath thanks to the triple storage that help you with the documents and stationary while leaving the top clean and roomy. Now you can work comfortably!


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