20+ Scandinavian Bookshelves Ideas for Your Cozy Living Room

A minimalist Scandinavian bookcase or scandinavian bookshelves is the ideal furniture piece to showcase your much-loved books. Bookcase can make your living room looks neat and cozy. Arrange your living-room with modern scandinavian bookshelves. These shelves add a welcoming feeling to your living room and help to keep your home well arranged.


List of 20+ Scandinavian Bookshelves Ideas and Inspirations

Scandinavian bookshelves design ideas listed below could be useful and looking good for your living room decor. You can find the best ideas for you in these list. Many people have been searching for bookcase and they don’t know where to go. Luckily you are going to the right place.

1. Geometric Scandinavian Bookshelves Ideas

geometric scandinavian bookshelves

This Scandinavian style bookshelf was built by arranging several wooden boxes. This bookshelf uses an irregular geometric style. This bookshelf design is simple but can make a modern living room looks very beautiful.

2. Stack Scandinavian Bookshelves Ideas

stackable skandinavian bookshelves

This bookshelf is very well made. The characteristics of Scandinavian style are highlighted. The use of white and a simple design features a neat minimalist style. The small size of the shelf makes it space-saving and easy to move around.

3. Space-Saving Scandinavian Bookshelves Ideas

space saving scandinavian bookshelves

This space-saving scandinavian bookcase make the room look wider. This bookcase is ideal for storing books or display decoration. Even if you have a small space on the corner of your room, this bookcase will be perfect to be set up there.

4. Eclectic Scandinavian Bookshelves Ideas

eclectic scandinavian bookshelves ideas

For a book fan homeowner, there’s absolutely perfect built-in bookcases for living room. This wall mounted built-in bookcase can save a lot of space in your home. With this bookcase, you can save a lot of money too. You don’t need to buy two or three bookcases, just build this one and you can store a lot of book only with just one bookcase.

5. Nine Tiers Scandinavian Bookshelves Ideas

9 tiers scandinavian bookshelves

Still with the idea of scandinavian furniture, this bookcase is another answer for all of space-saving problem. This wall-mounted bookcase providing you an illusion of drifting racks. Crafted beautifully from wood and painted in a white color. This bookcase also provides nine tiers space for storing books, so you can save many books you loved here.

6. Minimalist Scandinavian Bookshelves Ideas

minimalistic scandinavian bookshelves

Minimalist Scandinavian bookshelves are quite popular for home decor. Many homeowners want a minimalist Scandinavian-style shelf like this. Shelves like this are very beautiful to look at and make the living room neat.

7. Apartment Scandinavian Bookshelves Ideas

scandinavian bookshelves apartment ideas

Large bookshelves are less suitable for small apartment living room furniture. Besides consuming a lot of space, a large bookshelf also blocks the view. If you face the same problem, then a small scandinavian-style bookshelf like this is the best solution.

8. Modern Scandinavian Bookshelves Ideas

modern scandinavian bookcases

If you’re looking for a modern furniture decoration that’s perfect for your living room, then this scandinavian bookcase is the best choice. Bookcase can save a lots of space in your living room. You can store books here. The glass door will make it easier for you to find the book you’re looking for.

9. Collaborated Scandinavian Bookshelves Ideas

collaborated scandinavian bookshelves

The design of this Scandinavian-style bookshelf is very simple and beautiful. The combination of bookshelves and other furniture in this room is also very charming. The selection of wood material on the bookshelf fits the color scheme of this living room.

10. Super Cozy Scandinavian Bookshelves Ideas

smart saving scandinavian bookshelves

Build a space-saving furniture is not simple as we think. But with a little imagination, we can build a simple space saving furniture even in the small space. with this wall bookcase, you can save a lot of space in your room. Just build this wall bookcase and move all the books you have there.

11. Window Area Scandinavian Bookshelves Ideas

door area scandinavian bookshelves

This scandinavian bookcase is designed for small apartment. The main ideas is to create a space saving bookcase in the area around the window. You can build a cozy reading nook in front of your window. So you can read your lovely book while looking at the scenery outside your apartment.

12. Extremely Beautiful Scandinavian Bookshelves Ideas

incredibly beautiful scandinavian bookshelves

This wonderful scandinavian bookcase is perfect for this bedroom decoration. The minimalist white bookcase create a best solution for space-saving furniture. The comfortable white couch and the big windows looks stunning. This is the best combination of modern and minimalist home decor so far.

13. Beautiful Proportions Scandinavian Bookshelves Ideas

beautiful proportions scandinavian bookcases

Bookshelves do not always have to be placed in the living room or bedroom. You can place it wherever you like, including in the dining room. Like this Scandinavian bookshelf. The shelf placement is made as a partition between the dining room and the living room.

14. Classic Minimalist Scandinavian Bookshelves Ideas

classic minimalistic scandinavian bookshelves

A minimalist classic style is perfect for Scandinavian rack designs. The material that is not too much makes this rack easy to build. The ingredients are also inexpensive, so you can save a lot of money. These two advantages make this rack the best solution for home decor.

15. Mid-Century Scandinavian Bookshelves Ideas

mid century scandinavian bookshelves

This mid-century scandinavian bookshelves is provide an aesthetic appeal. It’s not just about the aesthetic looks but also the functional storage abilities. This open storage units is perfect for homeowners that want to have beautiful and functional furniture in their home.

16. Simple Scandinavian Bookshelves Ideas

simple scandinavian bookshelves

Simple style is a feature that we can easily recognize from Scandinavian shelves. This scandinavian shelves are built with wall mounted techniques. So, placing shelves on our walls can save a lot of space. If you want to make something like that, you can copy the idea.

17. Super Minimalist Scandinavian Bookshelves Ideas

super minimalist scandinavian bookshelves

As an indoor furniture, this super minimalist scandinavian bookshelves is awesome. You can build this awesome scandinavian bookshelves in your living room. No need a large space, you can build it in a small space. It’s perfect for small home and apartment.

18. Multi-Functional Scandinavian Bookshelves Ideas

multi functional scandinavian bookshelves

Being both functional and aesthetic, the multi function scandinavian bookcase above can store a lot of books and items. You can set up your tv console and some decorative stuff there. This multi functional scandinavian book case can make your living room well arranged.

19. Unique Simple Scandinavian Bookshelves Ideas

unique simple skandinavian bookshelves

This scandinavian bookcase adopting minimalist design ideas with space-saving concept. This small furniture have a capability for storing many books and decorative stuff. I think, this minimalist scandinavian bookshelves is really outstanding.

20. New Designs Scandinavian Bookshelves Ideas

new designs scandinavian bookshelves

The Scandinavian bookshelf design is not just that, you can modify it if necessary. Never think that bookshelves are only small, short and narrow. You can make large, high and wide bookshelves. You can place it anywhere, for example in the hallway. You can follow the design ideas above.


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