25+ Small Bedroom Ideas For Perfect Remodel

Trying to find some inspiration on how you can decorate a small bedroom? You will find a lot of small bedroom ideas here. You can fully apply or just combine these small bedroom ideas with your current bedroom design. So you can create your own masterpiece.

But before you start to apply these ideas, first you must concern about the size of your bedroom. You must think abut the space around your bed. Small bedroom not only about bed, but also the space that you can easily moving around and the place for your furniture. The layout of the small bedroom is the key to make it cozy.


List of 25+ Best Small Bedroom Ideas and Inspiration

If you don’t have problem with that, then you can start to choose the small bedroom theme or design style and paint color for the wall. The combination of wall color, furniture color and the small bedroom design style itself is very important. You need to consider about the balance. The list of small bedroom ideas below may inspired you on how to make small bedroom looks pretty, cozy and well balanced decoration.

1. Small Bedroom for a Girl

Small Bedroom Ideas Ideas for a Girl

Usually women have their own character. Most women want their bedrooms to also reflect their character. But for a bedroom that has a narrow room, we must be smart to adjust its layout. The simpler the better.

2. Teenage Small Bedroom

Teenage Small Bedroom Ideas

Not everyone is blessed with a spacious bedroom. There are also people who only have small bedrooms. But that’s not a problem, you can apply a room design like this.

3. Apartment Small Bedroom

Apartment Small Bedroom Ideas

The apartment has very limited space. Not all apartments are spacious enough to be divided into a lot of space. Usually the room we use the most is the bedroom. So to make our bedroom so comfortable you can meditate like this.

4. Small Bedroom for Twin Beds

Small Bedroom Ideas for Twin Beds

All twins must have the same room. One room for two people. Two beds and the same decoration. If you are looking for ideas for twin room decoration, you can copy this.

5. Small Bedroom Couples

Small Bedroom Ideas Couples

Many couples dream of beautiful and comfortable bedroom designs. Bedrooms that are genderless and neutral in design and color are the best. You can try the room design ideas above. You can discuss it with your partner.

6. Small Bedroom Queen Bed

Small Bedroom Ideas Queen Bed

Some people are very fond of queen beds and feel they can only sleep if they are there. But they are very constrained by a small bedroom. Don’t worry, you can work around this. You can adapt the following ideas and make some modifications if needed.

7. Remodeling Small Bedroom

Remodeling Small Bedroom Ideas

A boring bedroom won’t make you comfortable. If you already feel uncomfortable, it’s time you make a few changes. You can remodel your bedroom. By doing a remodel, then you can get a different room atmosphere from before.

8. Rustic Small Bedroom

Rustic Small Bedroom Ideas

As we already know, rustic design style is still in great demand. This design is very often applied to many parts of the house. One of them is the bedroom design. Rustic style bedroom design can not only be applied to large bedrooms but also in small rooms.

9. Elegant Small Bedroom

Elegant Small Bedroom Ideas

The elegant design style is perfect for those of you who like the balance between minimalism and luxury. You can have a bedroom that looks minimalist but still has a luxurious look. That combination makes the bedroom look more beautiful and not plain.

10. Really Small Bedroom

Really Small Bedroom Ideas

There is no small bedroom this small. Maybe you will think of how to put a bed and some furniture in a room as small as this. But the allegation was broken. You can see it in the bedroom design above.

11. Child’s Small Bedroom

Childs Small Bedroom Ideas

Who says kids don’t need to get a good bedroom. Instead they will be very happy if given a good bedroom. Not only that, the child’s bedroom must also be comfortable. So they will feel nowhere and will not be afraid when they have to sleep alone at night.

12. Masculine Small Bedroom

Masculine Small Bedroom Ideas

Like women, men also need some bedroom decorations that represent their character. We slept a little too flashy and were a lot of knick knacks. The bedroom decor must represent a masculine spirit and be simpler. That’s what every man wants.

13. Contemporary Small Bedroom

Contemporary Small Bedroom Ideas

Many people like contemporary bedroom designs. Contemporary design style is very popular because of its simplicity. It looks quite beautiful even though there aren’t many accents. Because this sleep is perfect for those of you who like simplicity.

14. Small Bedroom With Wardrobes

Small Bedroom Ideas With Wardrobes

A bedroom with a wardrobe is everyone’s dream. You don’t need to move rooms just to change clothes. You only need to get out of bed and can immediately change clothes. But can you put a wardrobe in a small bedroom? The answer is in the picture above.

15. Unique Small Bedroom

Unique Small Bedroom Ideas

The bedroom can show who you are. Because most bedrooms are designed based on the character of the owner. You who have eccentric soul and love unique things will decorate it to be unique too. You can consider this idea for later.

16. Small Bedroom Design

Small Bedroom Ideas Design

Small bedrooms should not be ignored. Instead you need to think of ways to maximize it. You can do several ways to design and decorate it. We can suggest one small bedroom design idea that might suit you.

17. Shabby Chic Small Bedroom

Shabby Chic Small Bedroom Ideas

Are you looking for a shabby chic bedroom? You are in the right place. You can try this shabby chic bedroom idea with a few adaptations. You can also change some furniture, decoration and layout. Make it according to what you want.

18. Minecraft Small Bedroom

Minecraft Small Bedroom Ideas

Many children love the game Minecraft. They have dreams of making bedrooms like Minecraft. Your job as parents is to realize their dreams. You can begin to realize that dream with a bedroom design like this.

19. Cheap Small Bedroom

Cheap Small Bedroom Ideas Ideas

Decorating a small bedroom does not necessarily have a low cost. There are also some people who decorate it with an expensive budget. If you do not include people who have a lot of money, why not try a bedroom design like this. You will be more efficient and have a lot of money in savings for your other projects.

20. Organize Small Bedroom

Organize Small Bedroom Ideas

Designing a bedroom is actually easy. You need to do only a few important decorations. But don’t forget, you must prioritize a good room organization. A good room organization will make you have plenty of space in your bedroom. The right layout will also make the bedroom more comfortable.

21. Bohemian Style Small Bedroom

Bohemian Style Small Bedroom Ideas

Designing bohemian-style bedrooms is one good idea. You can try it in your bedroom. It doesn’t matter if your bedroom only has a small room. You can try one of these bohemian bedroom ideas. Don’t be afraid to make some modifications and explorations.

22. Scandinavian Small Bedroom

Scandinavian Small Bedroom Ideas

Scandinavian-style bedrooms are also one of the best options for small rooms. Besides only using elements that are quite minimalist, Scandinavian style also encourages us to be more frugal. The budget that you spend can be reduced to a minimum. You don’t need to buy a lot of furniture, just what you need.

23. Luxury Small Bedroom

Luxury Small Bedroom Ideas

Who says if a small bedroom cannot be decorated in a luxury style. If you think like that, then you are wrong. If you look at the bedroom above, then you will realize, that if you want, you can make it. Even if you need to, you can make more than this.

24. Small Bedroom for Young Adults

Small Bedroom Ideas for Young Adults

Young adults have a different style with children and also adults. They like different things and always want to be different. You cannot ignore that feeling. If necessary, you have to make it happen in your bedroom. Even if it’s only a small room, you can still make it happen.

25. White and Grey Small Bedroom

White and Grey Small Bedroom Ideas

If you don’t know what remodel to do in your bedroom, then you can try this idea. Bedrooms with a combination of white and ash are very reliable. Bedrooms like this have a neutral style. Anyone can apply it to the bedroom design. This design is great for male, female, children’s, teenage, and elderly bedrooms.


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