30+ Stock Tank Pools Ideas, DIY Stock Tank Pools and Stock Tank Pools Inspiration

We can easily find lots of pictures about DIY stock tank pools on the internet. It is not surprising that there are many people who want to build their own stock tanks in their backyards. The idea of ​​a DIY stock tank pool like this is very good to be applied by people who have little money and narrow yards to make a swimming pool in their house. They can use some of the DIY stock tank pool designs available on the internet or create more creative DIY stock tank tank designs.

DIY stock pool tanks can also be a good alternative for those who want to make semi-permanent swimming pools in the summer. If we build a permanent swimming pool, of course we will need a lot of money and a long construction time. If it is finished, a permanent swimming pool cannot be moved. But the tank pool stock can be easily moved, we can even store it in a warehouse if it is not used.


List of 30+ Perfect Stock Tank Pools That Makes You Stay “Cool” in Summer

Making a swimming pool using a stock tank pool is a very good choice. You can choose the size of the stock tank pool according to your needs. If the stock tank pool is used for children swimming in summer, you can buy a small stock tank pool. If the stock tank pool is used for adults, then you can buy a larger size. If the size is bigger, the more expensive it will be.

After you know the right size of your stock tank pool, it is time to think about the design you want to make. If you are still confused or have not found the idea of ​​your dream stock tank pool design, we can help you. You can take some ideas from the DIY stock tank pool design below. Hopefully it can inspire you so that you can create a perfect stock tank pool.

1. Pebble Beach DIY Stock Tank Pool

stock tank pool tractor supply

DIY beach-themed tank pool with white rocks around gives you a comfortable feeling while enjoying your summer. Now you can turn your backyard into a private pool like this idea.

2. DIY Galvanized Stock Tank Pool

 stock tank pool deck

We all know that sometimes we don’t have much time and money to build a private swimming pool in our backyard. But you can install a stock tank like that in its place. Use a string light bulb as a simple decoration.

3. Cozy White Stock Tank Pool

home depot stock tank

A desert-style DIY stock tank pool with tarpaulin and two chairs for relaxing. Large stone decorations and small desert plants are perfect for displaying a desert atmosphere. We can call it ‘Oasis of the Backyard’.

4. Waterfall Stock Tank Pool and Bathtub

stock tank pool

Bring back the childhood memories by installing an outdoor stock tank bathtub. It’s not an ordinary bathroom, it’s a stock tank pool with two showers and a water fountain. This creative stock tank bathtub is really awesome.

5. DIY Stock Tank Swimming Pool with Aesthetic Nets

galvanized stock tank pool

Stock tank pool in the garden are very vulnerable at night. Mosquitoes can use your stock tank pool as a nest to lay eggs. Use mosquito nets to protect your pool. Besides being safe, it also gives your stock tank pool an artistic value.

6. Covered Up Stock Tank Pool

1000 gallon stock tank

Safety is one aspect that must be considered when installing a DIY stock tank pool. Use a wooden cover when the stock tank pool is not used. That will protect the inside of the pond from bacteria, leaves and water evaporation. The wooden cover can be moved easily when you want to use the pool.

7. Summer Sanctuary Stock Tank Pool

100 gallon stock tank

Who says a stock tank pool can’t look amazing? A stock tank pool with brick walls and cozy patio will be the best place for you to have a party at night or evening. You can swim and chatting with your family at the same time.

8. DIY In Ground Stock Tank Pool

100 gallon stock tank pools ideas

A simple DIY stock tank pool with a fountain pipe is what you can install easily when summer comes. A small wooden table with small plants on it is an appropriate additional decoration. Of course with your beloved dog as the right friend to soak together.

9. DIY Summer Stock Tank Pool for Kids

stock tank 100 gallon

The best thing about stock pool is that you don’t need a lot of space. You only need a small space to put the tank and umbrella. You will see your child happy with the small pool.

10. DIY Stock Tank Pool Beautiful Landscape

15 foot stock tank

DIY stock pool tanks in the garden like this are suitable ONLY if you have a large backyard. It’s simple, comfortable, and you don’t need a lot of decoration because the main focus is the outdoor landscape view itself.

11. Hillbilly Stock Tank Swimming Pool

deep stock tank

Build a small stock tank pool in your retreat house where you can enjoy the atmosphere of the summer forest. Place it under a large tree separated from the bench.

12. DIY Stock Tank Pool Deck

stock tank pool sizes

Sometimes you have to keep it simple, just DIY a stock tank pool outdoors. A beautiful outdoor area can make a wooden deck DIY stock tank pool look amazing.

13. In Ground Stock Tank Pool

tractor supply oval stock tank

The DIY stock tank pool in the ground never fails to amaze us, especially with the decoration of the fountain beside it. Large stone decoration is perfect as a natural ornament.

14. Rounded Stock Tank Swimming Pool

tractor supply stock tank

This one requires an effort to build. First, you need to dig a hole to build an in-ground stock tank pool and then use a wooden deck to provide contrast on it. The outdoor stock swimming pool is also covered with waterproof blue paint.

15. DIY Plastic Stock Tank Pool

homemade hot tub plans

Kids love to bathe outside with their friends. Give them what they want and they will be happy. Fill the water with a hose and add extra soap to make bubbles. This DIY stock tank pool like this might not be good enough but it’s fun.

16. Corner Small Stock Tank Pool

stock tank soaking tub

A small backyard is not an obstacle if you want to have a small pool. You only need to install a small DIY galvanized stock tank pool in the corner of your yard. Some spaces can be used as garden landscapes.

17. Thanks to This Summer Stock Tank Pool

10 foot stock tank

DIY stock pool tanks for kids can be more interesting when you build road blocks for them. You can use the subway block as a stepping stone.

18. Backyard Stock Tank Pool Patio Design

 12 foot stock tank

Vintage style DIY stock tank ponds with loungers, umbrellas, hanging light bulbs and brick wall decorations. Backyard with susana like this is very interesting. You can relax while doing your work here comfortably.

19. DIY Small Stock Tank Pool Wooden Deck

 8 foot stock tank

There is no perfect combination besides the wooden deck and stock tank pool like this. One chair and patio chairs and large umbrella complete the perfection of a summer swimming pool.

20. Outdoor Large Galvanized Stock Tank Pool

top stock tank pool

Outdoor DIY stock tank pools on a wooden deck beside the sun shade will be nice to enjoy the summer. Your body will cool under water while the sun’s shade protects you from UV rays.

21. Simple DIY Stock Tank Pool

poly stock tank

The kids want to have a small summer party around the tank pool. A stock tank on the deck and colorful chairs around it can be a great decoration for a summer party. Don’t forget to put an umbrella to protect children from the sun’s heat.

22. DIY Stock Tank Pool with Pump

kids stock tank pools ideas

Children like to swim with round buoys. But do you know what they like the most? They really like when walking up the stairs and then jump into the pool from there.

23. Outdoor Sauna Stock Tank Pool Bathtub

 large galvanized stock tanks

This one requires a lot of effort because you need to build a terraced wooden deck and an open sauna on the ground. You also need to make a wooden deck bench. You can also add gravel as an additional decoration.

24. Awesome Private Stock Tank Pool

stock tank pool

You can build a garden path into the stock tank pool. Place small plants and flowers along the path to strengthen the atmosphere like a natural. You would really deserve to have a private stock tank pool like this.

25. Garden DIY Stock Tank Pool Design

stock tank pool inspiration

Instead of building an in-ground stock tank pool, you can elevate the soil by filling gravel and stones around the tank. Leave one side open to show the shiny side of the pool.

26. Natural Stock Tank Pool Design

large stock tank

This stock tank pool is fantastic. This idea shows what creative things you can do with an economical stock tank pool that you are actually seeing right now! Fantastic inspiration! Maybe you should try decorating your tank pool like this. I am sure, you will never regret it.

27. Outdoor Hot Stock Tank Bathtub

homemade stock tank hot tubs

This is one of the DIY stock tank pool ideas that will surely surprise you. The previous inspiration was the summer pool. But actually you can also make a stock tank pool for winter. Most people call it a winter jacuzzi. This outdoor stock tank bathtub is perfect for those of you who want to enjoy winter while soaking in warm water.

28. DIY Warm Stock Tank Pool Deck

stock tank hot tub heater

pinterest.comExtraordinary! I can not explain it. Everyone will love the DIY stock tank pool design with wooden decks and heaters like this. This outdoor DIY stock tank pool will definitely be great for making winter days seem like summer.

29. Outdoor Stock Tank Pool with Hot Spring

bottomless stock tank pools

This DIY stock tank pool design might look unusual. Looks like a waterfall with a hot spring pool. We will feel comfortable enjoying the beginning of winter here. Soak while watching the little snow that falls slowly.

30. Country Style Tiny DIY Stock Tank Pool

100 gallon stock tank pools

Stock tank pools are a new style of enjoying summer which is currently trending. You might think, “I don’t know how I really feel like swimming in this tub of cow drinking water.” Of course, because you can’t beat such a lucrative offer when summer comes.


When summer comes, you will most likely spend more time in the summer at the pool. Then you have to install a stock tank pool in your yard. The cost you have to pay is very cheap and you can install a stock tank pool quickly. If you don’t have time to spare, you can rent a stock tank installation service near your home. Installing a stock tank pool is the cheapest and fastest way to enjoy the summer sun.


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