30+ Best Stone Patio Ideas for Your Outdoor Patio in Backyard

Summer is the time for you to get closer to your family. Patio is a place that you can use to spend time with your family. In general, patios are outdoors, most patios are in the garden.

If you don’t have a patio yet, maybe you should start thinking about building it in your backyard. Patio that is suitable to be built in the backyard is a stone patio. Stone is a sturdy and durable material, so the weather won’t easily make it damaged.


List of 30+ Best Stone Patio Ideas and Inspiration

In the list of stone patio down below you can find some amazing stone patio design ideas. So if you are looking for stone patio design ideas, you should really look at the alternative stone patio ideas listed here. You can find out more alternative ideas for a more attractive stone patio that you don’t want to miss.

1. White Stone Patio Design Ideas


Stone patio designs like this are very easy to build. Stones that have the same size and shape are easily arranged. The design is also simple and pretty good. Stone patio design ideas like the picture above are perfect for weekend projects.

2. Simple Stone Patio and Chair Ideas


If you don’t have a large backyard, you can still build a stone patio. You can build a stone patio on the back porch. Build a simple stone patio but still charming like this simple stone patio design ideas. Small but functional.

3. Tiny Stone Patio for Backyard Ideas

Tiny Stone Patio Ideas

Building a stone patio doesn’t have to be big. Small is not a problem. You can maximize the space in your backyard without thinking about big or small. If there is a small space, then build a stone patio like this.

4. Square Stone Patio Design Ideas

Square Stone Patio Ideas

If you have many family members, then you have to make a pretty large stone patio. The stone patio design that is suitable for large patios is a square patio. A square patio can be used for three sides and one side for the entrance. So more seats can be used.

5. Small Classic Style Stone Patio Design Ideas

Smallvile Style Stone Patio Ideas

Classic style is always suitable for home and outdoor decoration. Some stone patios also use classic styles. The patio design ideas above use a classic style. The design is very simple but it looks very beautiful.

6. Small Backyard Stone Patio Design


A nice stone patio design will affect the atmosphere when you are there. The stone patio design idea above has a nice and unique design. The stone patio has four seats placed facing each other. So you can chat with each other intensely.

7. Simple Outdoor Stone Patio Design Ideas

Simple Stone Patio Ideas

The stone patio design doesn’t have to be weird, it would be better if it’s simple. As long as there is a seat and firepit, it’s a nice patio. If you are looking for a simple patio stone design, you can follow the example above.

8. Backyard Pergolas and Stone Patio Design Ideas

Pergolas Stone Patio Ideas

Do you want a patio stone design that is different from the others? You can build a stone patio with a pergola. It might be a little expensive, but the results are very beautiful. You can use old wood if you have it.

9. Small Backyard Stone Patio Ideas

Neat Stone Patio Ideas

Building a stone patio may cost a lot. But you can make it cheap with a few tricks. In order for the cost that you spend a little, you can use the old chair that you have. So that way, you will save a lot of money.

10. Zen Style Stone Patio Design Ideas

Natural Stone Patio Ideas

The stone patio will look beautiful if it is built using natural stone material. The irregular shape and large size will make the appearance of your stone patio look amazing. You can duplicate the idea of a natural stone patio above.

11. Modern Stone Patio Design Ideas

Modern Stone Patio Ideas

Modern stone patios have distinctive features that are easily recognizable, such as their neat designs and many ornaments to decorate them. The modern stone patio design above has these characteristics. Some lights were placed in their seats and surrounded by stones and flowers.

12. Minimalist Stone Patio for Modern Home Design

Minimalist Stone Patio Ideas

The stone patio above has a simple and minimalist design. There is no seat made of stone, but only a seat from a wooden pallet. The color of the wooden pallet is also made the same as the color of the stone. So the minimalist impression of this stone patio is perfect.

13. Small Stone Patio and Classic Fountain Ideas

Mini Stone Patio Ideas

The mini stone patio above does not emphasize beauty but more on its function. On the part of the stone patio made as minimal as possible. To beautify the stone patio, a small fountain was made nearby.

14. Mini Bar Stone Patio Design Ideas

Mini Bar Stone Patio Ideas

Barbecue is the most awaited activity when we gather with our families. This stone patio design is actually built for it. So everyone can gather while doing a barbecue party here. All family members will be happy when partying here.

15. Mid Century Stone Patio Design Ideas

Mid Century Stone Patio Ideas

The stone patio above applies a contemporary style. The construction details are amazing. This stone patio truly reflects the real contemporary style. Everyone who wants a contemporary style patio can follow this design.

16. Stone Couch and Stamped Concrete Outdoor Patio

Seating Wall Fire Pit and Stamped Concrete Patio

The combination of industrial chair and a stone couch is perfect. This stone patio design ideas brings an aesthetically experience. You will certainly have a wonderful experience that you do not want to miss.

17. Amazing Pool Stone Patio Design Ideas

In-Pool Stone Patio Ideas

This stone patio is created to bring in a relaxation and comfortable feeling. You can feel the best experience when you have a pool stone patio like this. You will certainly be satisfied with this stone patio design without a doubt.

18. In-ground Rounded Stone Patio Design Ideas

Inground Circle Stone Patio Ideas

Are you looking for an extraordinary stone patio design? This in-ground stone patio design ideas is the answer that you are looking for. This stone patio have an extraordinary design concept. Most patios are built above ground, but these patios are built in-ground.

19. Small Half Circle Stone Patio Design

Half Circle Stone Patio Ideas

Just because you desire a great set of stone patio ideas, that doesn’t mean it needs to be best. Imperfection produces an extra natural look. This stone patio is built using stones that are not the same shape. The shape of the patio is also not built into a perfect circle, but only half a circle.

20. Cozy Stone Patio Design Ideas for Small Backyard

Family Stone Patio Ideas

A nice stone patio is a comfortable place to gather with family. The stone patio design idea above was built for it. All family members will feel comfortable when enjoying a night together.

21. Eclectic Outdoor Stone Patio Ideas

Eclectic Stone Patio Ideas

This stone patio has a minimalist design but is very beautiful. I think everyone will want a design like this. Many people don’t know that stone patio designs like this are easy to build and cheap.

22. DIY Stone Patio Ideas for Weekend Project

DIY Stone Patio Ideas

If you want to build your own stone patio, then you should look for easy design ideas. So you are not difficult to build it. This is a patio stone design that you can make yourself. The design is simple and you can build it quickly.

23. Cozy Stone Patio with Garden Landscape Ideas

Cozy Stone Patio Ideas

Have you ever found a stone patio as comfortable as this? Maybe this time you just found it. This stone patio design is very comfortable because this patio is decorated with greenery around it. You will feel comfortable and calm while enjoying the night with a cup of coffee here.

24. Gorgeous Country Stone Patio Ideas

Country Stone Patio Ideas

The country style stone patio design is perfect for a classic style house. The stone patio on the back yard is directly connected to the terrace. This appearance is very beautiful and charming. Many people will think of making the same patio design as the idea above.

25. Cottage Style Stone Patio Design Ideas

Cottage Stone Patio Ideas

One of the best stone patio ideas so far. The combination of the fire pit and the chair is awesome. All the stone around it is wonderful. You can copy this ideas and build it in your backyard. Especially if you have a townhouse style home.

26. Tiny Stone Patio Ideas for Small Back Porch

Brown Stone Patio Ideas

The primary focus of stone patio ideas is to mix stone with the setting. This is a great example of how you can build a stone patio in small space. That’s certainly outstanding small stone patio that focus on the function, not the beauty. But this stone patio is quite beautiful.

27. Cozy Pool Side Stone Patio Ideas

Beside Pool Stone Patio Ideas

If you have a little space because your backyard has a swimming pool, you can make a patio near the pool. There’s no need to make a big one, just a small stone patio. You can make a stone patio like the picture above.

28. Beach House Stone Patio Design Ideas

Beach Stone Patio Ideas

Having a house on the beach is a blessing. You can look at the beach and the ocean in the afternoon. All of that will be complete if you build a patio in your home. You can enjoy the sunset while relaxing with your family.

29. Simple DIY Back Porch Stone Patio Ideas

BBQ Stone Patio Ideas

Everyone likes BBQ parties. You and your family can spend time partying your barbecue on your patio. The problem is, do you have a patio for barbecue? If not, then you can build a stone patio for a barbecue like the patio design above.

30. American Style Stone Patio Design Ideas

American Style Stone Patio Ideas

The american style stone patio are usually built in a simple design concept. Many homeowners adopt this stone patio design concept. You can combine a stone seat with a comfortable chair. So the old family members can sit in a comfortable chairs while children sit in a stone chairs.


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